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 As a top-quality waste control and recycling company in Southern California, we provide an array of sanitation solutions to help communities and property management companies reduce expenses and improve curb appeal. Professionalism and courtesy are high priorities for us.  Our team is Respectful, Reliable and Responsible with every community we serve. Currently, we provide services to almost 300 Southern California communities.

Our waste management services include:

  • Trash enclosure clean-up service
  • Bulk and large item pick-up
  • Janitorial services
  • Bin transport service
  • Chute pressure washing
  • Chute inspection and repair service
  • Pet waste removal service
  • Christmas tree removal service
  • Feces clean-up service
  • Handyman repair service
  • Waste recycling service
  • Waste Optimization™ Assessment


Our team is committed to providing quality services that exceed the expectations of our clients. If you are a community or property manager looking for an affordable, reliable, and responsible trash management service, Strategic Sanitation Services is the company for you.

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I love you guys! You are the most efficient and professional company, and the only vendor I never need to follow up with! Our ServiceTechs are awesome, and everything looks great!"

Ahmee Gerrard, Community Manager

This is fantastic! I have already been contacted by several Board members and residents stating how wonderful the enclosure areas are looking in such a short timeframe. Thank you to the Strategic Sanitation team for helping out Morningside Terrace!"

Jacqui Orlandos, Community Manager

We are beyond pleased with the work the company and crew are doing for our community. It has eliminated the extra communication I receive on a weekly basis in regard to overflowing dumpsters and large items left at the dumpsters, so thanks to all!"

Adrian Robertson, Community Manager

The city did an inspection…said they what’d the cleanest trash areas that they had EVER seen!"

Cynthia Meza, Assistant Manager

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