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Part of our Purpose is to Care for People and Guard the Environment. We see our endeavor to keep communities cleaner and safer as part of that purpose. In addition to our daily services, we also commit to financially support worthy causes chosen by our team throughout the year. We want to highlight the important work these organizations are doing for our communities and encourage others to learn about and support their efforts as well. Please feel free to visit their websites to learn more!

Capistrano Football Club

The Capistrano Football Club is an organization that supports Southern California youth by arranging soccer teams. Beyond athletic development, Capistrano Football Club emphasizes the need for academic performance among their young players. We applaud the football clubs focus on youth and community enrichment!

Plant with a Purpose

Plant with a Purpose has challenged global poverty and environmental damage since 1984 and champions reforestation efforts in eight countries. Each community the organization aids receives an individualized program which educates locals for ensured, long-term reforestation and economic success. We strongly believe in the work that Plant with Purpose is doing to enrich people’s lives and tend to the environment!

Red Cross-Ukraine

As one of the world’s largest humanitarian networks, Red Cross-Ukraine seeks to alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies. This year, Red Cross Ukraine sent aid across the Atlantic to the millions of Ukrainians displaced by war.

South County Outreach

South County Outreach is dedicated to ending homelessness and poverty in Orange County. Having distributed over 700,000 pounds of food in the last year alone, we look forward to seeing what this organization can accomplish in 2023.

Wee Companions

Earlier this year, one of our ServiceTechs found and rescued a guinea pig stuck in an enclosure during a routine On-site Waste Control service. Without help, small mammals like this guinea pig (later named “Treasure”) are left vulnerable and at risk. Wee Companions is a nonprofit dedicated to the caring and rehoming of small exotic mammals. It was this organization that informed our ServiceTech on what could be done for Treasure, and we were sold on their mission!

Global Water Charity

The ambitious goal of Global Water Charity is to aid the 771 million people around the world who live without clean water. By consulting with local experts to find individualized solutions fit for each aided community, Global Water Charity embodies commitment to environmental and community service.

Operation Clean Slate

Operation Clean Slate is a campus and community beautification program that seeks to enhance the appearance of public spaces by equipping young artists with the time and materials to create murals. As community appearance specialists, we resonate with Operation Clean Slate’s 15 years of service!

Foster Care to Success

Foster Care to Success has a special place in the heart of our Strategic team. Of those who age out of the foster system, 55% graduate high school and only 3% graduate college. By providing counseling, scholarships and consistent care, Foster Care to Success ensures long-term support for foster youth navigating the first stages of adulthood.

Tunnel to Tower

In honor of Stephen Siller, who gave his life on-duty during 9/11, Tunnel to Tower is dedicated to first-responders and veterans in need. From building smart-homes to providing mortgage-free houses, this organization honors those like Stephen who put the safety of others above all else. We at Strategic admire Tunnel to Tower’s commitment to helping those who help others.


The Orangewood foundation provides for over 2,000 transitional-age youth in Orange County. Through the use of educational programs in health and wellness, housing and life skills, the Orangewood foundation identifies and fortifies the strengths in the youths they prepare.

Toys for Tots

Rounding out this year’s contributions, we dedicated our final 2022 donation to Toys for Tots, an organization that echoes our desire to Care for People. Toys for Tots is near and dear to the hearts of our team members, and our team put in special care to select and donate more than 50 toys for this holiday season!

Our Commitment

While we do value a clean community, we are also committed to caring for people and the environment beyond our everyday operations. We believe in transparency, and we want our customers to know we put our money where our mouth is. With the new year incoming, it is an honor to continue providing Respectful, Reliable and Responsible service, and we look forward to continuing to serve the Southern California community next year!

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