5 Reasons You Should Not Be Our Customer
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Don’t get us wrong, we love our customers. And we love finding new communities that we can partner with. But some communities don’t need our services. Here are five reasons why you might not want to be our customer:

1. Your trash and recycling enclosures are in perfect, tidy condition.

If your community’s trash and recycling bins always fit the amount of waste produced, then you’re in good shape. Consistent overflow and debris are signs that you might need more bin capacity. Bins that are regularly over capacity might have more traffic than others and need trash distribution.

The tidiness of the trash areas is a good indicator of whether your trash is under control. On-site Waste Control is a service for communities that want to tidy messy trash enclosures.

2. Your trash hauler service is never delayed.

Some communities experience recurring trash pick-up delays, especially during hauler staffing shortages and holiday seasons. But if you’re receiving consistent, prompt pick-up service, you’re likely very happy with your hauler. You wouldn’t require our team to Monitor & Report and contact the trash hauler to make sure things are happening on schedule.

3. You pay a fair price for the services you need from the trash hauler.

You’ve done an audit of your current services and determined you are receiving the right amount of service at the right price. You’re paying for exactly what you need—no more, no less. Your bins are rarely overfull, but they’re also rarely empty. Your trash hauler service fits your needs perfectly.

If this is the case, you don’t need our team to perform a Waste Optimization™ Assessment of your capacity to determine where costs can be cut.

4. You never have to deal with large item piles or illegal contractor dumping.

We’ve seen our fair share of bulky items piled up by trash areas during our service, and we’ve witnessed contractors dump construction or green waste in the community trash bins. Many of these items need to be disposed of in a specific way, and this costs extra. When items are dumped, they also take up valuable bin space.

If your community doesn’t have to deal with this issue, you’re one of the lucky ones, and you’ll find our Large Item Pick-up service is unnecessary for your property.

5. Your recycling and organic waste plan is consistent with all local and state regulations.

Waste regulations can be tricky. It’s difficult to make sure your waste plan is in accordance with those regulations. So, if your community is already compliant, more power to you.

For communities that are looking for assistance, our Recycling Programs work with your trash hauler’s options to ensure compliance with current city and state regulations. Plus, our team stays on top of new regulations and alerts communities of any upcoming changes.


We want to make communities that have trash issues cleaner and happier. But if your community has all five of these areas covered, you’re likely in good shape. Keep doing what you’re doing! And know that if any issues do appear, Strategic is here to help.



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