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There’s something undeniably refreshing about stepping out of the office and into the field, especially when it leads to a deeper understanding of the vital work that our ServiceTechs do. Recently, some of our team members had the unique opportunity to do just that during a field trip to Reata Oakbrook Village which is an apartment complex in Mission Viejo, CA. Thank you, Reata Oakbrook Village for allowing our office team to come out to your community! This excursion was a chance for our office team to see the quality services our ServiceTechs provide to our customers firsthand!

Our first stop was an in-depth lesson on the logistics of Bin Transport Service. This behind-the-scenes look at how bins are moved and managed was a testament to the organizational skills and physical efforts required. Our ServiceTechs demonstrated the equipment and techniques used to transport bins and connect the bins back to the compactor efficiently, minimizing disruption and maintaining cleanliness. Their dedication to smooth operations was evident in every action and explanation.

Next, our ServiceTechs demonstrated how On-Site Waste Control is performed in the trash enclosures. It’s a service we all know is crucial, but seeing it in action provided a whole new level of appreciation. Our expert ServiceTechs walked our office team through the process, showing them how waste is managed efficiently and sustainably.

Perhaps one of the most enlightening parts of the trip was learning about Chute Room Cleaning. This often-overlooked task is critical for hygiene and safety. The ServiceTechs shared our approach to keeping chute rooms clean and odor-free, using a combination of specialized equipment and chemicals. Our field team’s attention to detail and commitment to health standards underscored the importance of this service in maintaining the quality of life in our valued communities.

Stepping back into the office, we brought with us not only a greater understanding of the services that are essential to a community’s well-being but also a renewed appreciation for the half of our team behind these tasks. Our field trip to Reata Oakbrook Village was more than just an educational outing, it was a reminder of the impact of our work and the importance of every role within our team. As we continue to support our ServiceTechs and the vital services they provide, we’re reminded of the value of getting out into the field. Such experiences not only broaden our perspectives but also strengthen our team’s bond, reaffirming our commitment to protecting the environment and caring for people in the services we provide both in the office and on the field. To learn more about how Strategic can help with your trash management needs, contact us today.

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