Our people are the key to Strategic’s success. Because of our excellent employees, we form a strong S3 team comprised of supportive and skilled individuals. They set and achieve goals and willingly face and overcome challenges, resulting in our collective growth. Our team is uniquely able to develop Respectful, Reliable and Responsible relationships with our customers, our vendors and the community at large.

Our Management Team

Kenneth Reyes


Wendy Todaro

Customer Solutions Manager

Robert Gunnin

Director of Finance & Accounting

Kirsten Lazio

Customer Solutions Assistant Manager

Eric Lenning

Director of Sales

Isaac Garrido

Systems Manager

Jessica Ramirez

Human Resources Manager

Alfonso Morales

Field Services Manager

Our Office Team

Erin Hilgert

Marketing Representative

Van Le

Accounting Associate

Jenae Vierhus

Customer Solutions Representative

Kristen Reyes

Marketing Editor

Shea Littlemeyer

Sales Administrator

Dominic Iorio

Systems Associate

Pam Cairns

Accounting Associate

Vanessa Ruzicka

Human Resources Recruiter

Jodee Carbonel

Accounting Associate

Keri Ulrich

Customer Solutions Representative

Our Field Leadership Team

Ismael Figueroa

Territory Supervisor

Pablo Trejo

Route Service Lead

Maximo Sanchez

General Service Lead

Sergio Lara

Route Service Senior Lead

Santiago Zanabria

Route Service Lead

Elmer Lopez

General Service Lead

Rudy Najera

Route Service Lead

Julio Lopez-Guzman

General Service Supervisor

Francisco Nunez

General Service Lead

Efrain Segura

Route Service Lead

Luis Pedroza

General Service Lead

This is our Respectful, Reliable and Responsible Team!

Interested in joining our great team?