The key to our company’s success is our people. Our people determine the successful business relationships for which we are known. Due to our excellent employees, we forge a strong team internally. Externally, our people develop Respectful, Reliable and Responsible relationships with our customers, our vendors and the community at large. Our team willingly faces the business’ challenges, overcomes them effectively and, as a result, our enterprise grows.

Our Principals

Rick Hilgert

Founder & President

Rick Hilgert was the founder and president of Reliable Electronic Manufacturing, Inc., where he developed two patented proprietary electronic processes. He was also a member of investment firm of Global Resource Investments, conducting research, analysis, and investments in companies in the extractive industries. This led him to become acutely aware of the limited supply of natural resources. His mission in business is to develop ecologically responsible programs designed to minimize the damage to our environment. In 2007, he launched Strategic Sanitation Services, Inc. to address community trash issues and develop green solutions.

Steven Reyes

Vice President

Steven Reyes is a seasoned businessman with a very successful track record in business startups, turnarounds and technology firms. In 2002, Steven established BridgeTech LLC, a management consulting company and offered services in strategic planning, technology implementation, internet marketing and operations. Steven has a Bachelors degree in Business Management from California State University, Fullerton. He joined Strategic in 2009 as a partner. His business experience is reflected in the company’s strong growth record and excellent reputation in the industry.

Our Office Team

Kenneth Reyes

Director of Marketing

Isaac Garrido

Systems Associate

Wendy Todaro

Customer Service Manager

Robert Gunnin

Director of Finance

Vanessa Ruzicka

Human Relations Recruiter

Erin Hilgert

Marketing Representative

Michael Cairns

Systems Intern

Kirsten Lazio

Customer Service Assistant Manager

Pam Cairns

Accounting Associate

Jessica Ramirez

Human Relations Administrator

Kristen Reyes

Marketing Editor

Ryan Chacko

Field Services Manager

Keri Ulrich

Customer Service Representative

Jodee Carbonel

Accounting Associate

Eric Lenning

Director of Sales

Joshua Antezana

Field Services Assistant Manager

Shea Littlemeyer

Customer Service Representative

Van Le

Accounting Associate

This is our Respectful, Reliable and Responsible Team!

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