Kenneth Reyes: President, Strategic Sanitation Services, Inc.

Kenneth Reyes and his wife live in Orange with their energetic Australian Shepherd. He enjoys the outdoors, hiking, running and cycling on a regular basis. Kenneth is a seasoned business leader with a passion for innovation, strategic planning and community impact. As the President of Strategic Sanitation Services, Inc., he brings over a decade of experience working at Strategic as he steers the company toward excellence and sustainability.


Kenneth earned his BA in Marketing and Business Administration with a Minor in Global Cultural Studies from Concordia University Irvine. During his time at Concordia, Kenneth attended the Around-the-World Semester®, immersing himself in the study of local literature, language and culture across 10 countries. He also distinguished himself as the First Place winner of the Cornelius Business Plan Competition and contributed as a student marketing consultant for retail businesses at the Institute for Strategic Marketing.

Professional Experience:

Before assuming the role of President at Strategic Sanitation Services, Kenneth served as the Director of Marketing & Systems for 10 years. In this capacity, he played a pivotal role in the company’s technological evolution, transitioning reporting and training materials from paper to digital platforms. His responsibilities extended to training employees on new software, researching and evaluating software solutions and managing relationships with technology vendors.

Leadership Roles:

Kenneth’s leadership is further exemplified by his role as the Business Plan Competition Co-Director at Concordia University Irvine School of Business. He planned and executed competitions for student startup teams. His approach involved working closely with the School of Business Dean and engaging community business professionals.

Community Involvement:

In addition to his corporate achievements, Kenneth has dedicated his time as an Administrative Volunteer at FIKISHA, contributing to poverty alleviation initiatives. He supported FIKISHA’s mission to inspire a cycle of love resulting in healthy communities. By walking alongside youth and promoting character growth, educational opportunities and reconciled relationships, Kenneth has played a role in helping youth to positively change the world.

Kenneth Reyes

Kenneth Reyes stands as a dynamic leader, combining business acumen with a commitment to social responsibility, making him an integral contributor to both business and community spheres.