Additional Services

Choose one or more of our services to help you solve a specific trash-related problem in your community

Do departing residents leave furniture and other oversized items behind? Do you discover remodeling and construction material tossed in the trash bins on a regular basis? Perhaps your trash bins are filled with Christmas trees in late December and early January? Choose from one or more of Strategic’s cleanup and maintenance services to help you fix an immediate trash problem or solve a seasonal waste control need.


Special Waste Removal Service (Trash Cleanup)

Trash bins in residential communities often become the catch-all for waste that requires special cleanup and disposal. Strategic’s team members are well trained in how to clean motor oil spills; dispose of vehicle tires; remove construction and remodeling waste such as wood, concrete, tile and brick; and decontaminate recycle bins.

Trash-Out Service (Trash Cleanup)

When community residents vacate a condo or apartment home because of an eviction or abandonment, they frequently leave big and small items behind. Strategic will take care of cleaning out all items from units vacated due to move-out, relocation, abandonment or eviction.

Bin Transport Service

Large podium style communities with a central trash compactor often require shuttling of trash bins to be emptied. We provide this service safely and efficiently. Click above to see our specialized equipment at work.

Christmas Tree Removal Service

After Christmas, many communities are faced with overflowing trash bins and enclosures packed with Christmas trees. For up to three months after the holiday, Strategic Sanitation Services will pick up Christmas trees left in and around your community’s trash bins and will recycle them for you.

Handyman Service

Need to replace a missing or rotted board on the side of a fence or building? In need of a little touch-up paint on your community mailboxes? From repairing a broken lock to patching stucco, Strategic offers a number of small-to-medium sized handyman services for community exteriors and common areas.