Luis Pedroza

R3 Award: Luis Pedroza

The 2018 November R3 Excellence Award goes to Luis Pedroza, a General ServiceTech for Orange County. Luis joined us in May and since then he has gone above and beyond…

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Elmer Lopez

R3 Award: Elmer Lopez

The 2018 September R3 Excellence Award goes to Elmer Lopez, a General ServiceTech for Orange County and the Inland Empire. Elmer joined Strategic in February 2018 and since then he…

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Santiago Zanabria

R3 Award: Santiago Zanabria

The 2018 June R3 Excellence Award goes to Santiago Zanabria, a Route Serviceman for Orange County. Santiago has worked for Strategic for 2 and a half years! Praise for Santiago…

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Managing Trash at Podium Communities

Podium-style communities are growing in popularity. However, they can pose more maintenance challenges than traditional garden-style communities due to their layout and high density of residents. Having more moving pieces…

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Jessica Ramirez

R3 Award: Jessica Ramirez

The 2018 February R3 Excellence Award goes to Jessica, one of our Accounting Representatives. Jessica joined Strategic 3 years ago. In the time she has been with us Jessica has…

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How to Save Money on Trash

Apartment and HOA managers may be able to save money on trash by better understanding their community’s needs and the services their trash hauler provides. Here are four ways your…

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Ismael Figueroa

R3 Award: Ismael Figueroa

The 2017 December R3 Excellence Award goes to Ismael, one of our General Servicemen. Ismael joined us this summer in July after looking for a job that offered him freedom…

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