Improving the Recycling Program at Your Apartment or HOA

Effective Recycling Programs Apartment and HOA communities with strong recycling programs are committed to reducing and diverting the volume of recyclable waste taken to landfills. Communities can improve their recycling program by implementing the three keys to effective recycling programs: Commitment to the environment Clear communication Community cooperation In communities with effective recycling programs, the…

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Things that Impact Trash Costs

The cost of waste disposal utilities depends largely on municipal contracts with trash haulers. Cities broker deals with trash haulers to provide waste processing services as a utility to their residents. These contracts are considered franchise agreements and they include: Franchising fees (costs haulers pay to cities in exchange for sole access to provide their…

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R3 Award: Hugo Peña

The 2017 October R3 Excellence Award goes to Hugo Peña, one of our General Servicemen. Hugo joined us a year ago and through consistent communication and attention to detail, he has shown himself to be a Respectful, Reliable, Responsible employee. Hugo always has a smile on his face. He is always willing to jump in…

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Rudy Najera

R3 Award: Rudy Najera

The 2017 August R3 Excellence Award goes to Rudy Najera, one of our Lead Servicemen. Rudy joined us in December of 2015 and since then has shown himself to be an exceptional Respectful, Reliable, Responsible Employee.  Rudy always has a smile on his face and does a great job motivating all the members of his…

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Sergio Lara

R3 Award: Sergio Lara

The 2017 May R3 Excellence Award goes to Sergio Lara, one of our first Servicemen. Sergio has worked at Strategic since 2008! Quality service in each community has always been a priority for Strategic, and Sergio’s consistent service with a smile throughout the years has helped shape our customer’s (and our company’s) expectations. Praise for…

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R3 Award: Oswaldo Gutierrez

Congratulations to Oswaldo Gutierrez for winning the R3 Excellence Award March 2017! Oswaldo has been a Serviceman for our company since January 2012, delivering great service for over 5 years. He is an example of route service excellence. In addition to his daily duties, Oswaldo often helps by coaching and instructing new trainees on the…

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