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We’re working to aid our corner of the economy by providing competitive compensation and benefits with a personal touch to our team members. While large corporations look for ways to entice applicants with higher wages, we aim to approach recruiting, hiring, and retention with personalized care.

We want compensation that both increases pay and creates a viable career path with benefits for those in trash management. Strategic team members in the field services department can earn up to $400 per pay period in addition to a starting hourly wage of $17.00 with opportunities for advancement. With the Career Path, team members self-qualify to progress, putting their professional growth and compensation in their own hands.

We have also redesigned traditional work expectations to benefit our team. For office administration positions, we have always permitted employees to work under a hybrid model of remote and in-person, giving a high degree of flexibility. Employees can often select their working hours to accommodate children’s needs, school schedules, health and wellness appointments, and time off. Building a strong and happy team is high on our priority list.

We don’t believe employee satisfaction can be accomplished purely with money. While it may seem obvious, the economic and workforce issues of today are more effectively combatted by practices that make employees feel supported and valued, both financially and personally. But practices of genuine care are often bypassed due to time and effort, and this leaves a huge gap in any plan to hire and retain a team.

The need for genuine care is worth the extra time and effort. We commit to investing in our team by continually assessing our hiring practices and team member satisfaction. As a small business, we believe we have a unique position that can affect change in the industry to better Care for People.

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