J. Sabas Gomez

R3 Award: J. Sabas Gomez

The 2022 July R3 Excellence Award goes to J. Sabas Gomez. J. has been part of our team since May 2020. J. is very reliable. As a Floater, he takes initiative and jumps right in when he is needed, whatever the task. Our team is better because of J.’s consistent, hardworking contribution! Praise for J.…

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How to Solve Your Trash Problems in 2022

Apartment and HOA communities experience trash issues now more than ever. The pandemic brought higher trash levels from food delivery, online purchases and WFH (work-from-home) days. Even before this global event, keeping trash managed was increasingly difficult with recycling and organic waste management, overflowing bins, cluttered trash enclosures, large items and high trash costs. Trash…

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Beyond the Dollar: Investing in a Team

We’re working to aid our corner of the economy by providing competitive compensation and benefits with a personal touch to our team members. While large corporations look for ways to entice applicants with higher wages, we aim to approach recruiting, hiring, and retention with personalized care. We want compensation that both increases pay and creates…

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Find Out Who Your Trash Hauler Is

We wanted to save you some googling, so we compiled a list of Southern California’s trash haulers by county. To find out which trash hauler is designated to your area or community, follow the links below! Los Angeles County Find a Waste Hauler in LA County Orange County OC Residential Waste Haulers by City or…

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Santino Munoz

R3 Award: Santino Munoz

The 2022 May R3 Excellence Award goes to Santino Munoz. Santino has been a part of our team since March 2021. His work as a General ServiceTech stands out to us and our customers. His kindness, good communication and enthusiasm makes him a respectful, reliable and responsible team member. We are lucky to have him…

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Jose Saldivar

R3 Award: Jose Saldivar

The 2022 March R3 Excellence Award goes to Jose Saldivar. Jose has been a part of our team since November of 2021. Though he is relatively new to Strategic, he has already made an impression on his lead and team. Jose springs to action whenever he is needed. We are happy to have such a…

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R3 Award: Liliana Tenorio

The 2022 January R3 Excellence Award goes to Liliana Tenorio. Liliana has been a part of our team since November 2019. She is detailed and meticulous, reflecting reliability for her teammates and our customers. Liliana performs high-quality work that gives our customers assurance that they are being taken care of well. Her dependability makes her…

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Pam Cairns

R3 Award: Pam Cairns

The 2021 November R3 Excellence Award goes to Pam Cairns. Pam has been with us since October 2017. She is always willing to offer support to her team and go above and beyond to ensure that things are running smoothly. Her work ethic is evident in everything that she does. She truly embodies the R3…

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Kristen Reyes

R3 Award: Kristen Reyes

Praise for Kristen “Kristen has a superb ability to clearly communicate difficult issues with customers.  She shows initiative to develop new ways to improve current processes, and quickly adapts to change.  Strategic greatly benefits from her consistent high-quality work.  We are so grateful to have her on our team!” – Wendy Todaro, Customer Service Manager…

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Isaac Garrido

R3 Award: Isaac Garrido

The 2021 July R3 Excellence Award goes to Isaac Garrido. Isaac has been with Strategic since August 2018. His dedication to his work and to serving the company is a huge asset to Strategic. He is friendly and easy-going, and he is always willing to provide the necessary support to any of his team members.…

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