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With the Christmas season only a few weeks away, waste management may not be the most exciting thing on people’s minds, but it is essential to every community, especially during the holidays and the end of the year. In this post, we’re going to go over our Valet Trash Pick-up service and how it can keep your holiday waste management simple and efficient.

We all know that waste increases during the holidays. Some research shows waste can increase from 25% to 45% between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. There are plenty of ways that everyone can take part in to decrease waste, such as reducing food waste, adhering to local recycling programs or even giving sustainable gifts, such as baked goods or reusable water bottles, that will prevent extra waste. But there are also ways your community can increase waste management efficiency and sustainability with Strategic’s Valet Trash Pick-up service.

Valet Trash Pick-up is the collection and disposal of resident trash and recyclables straight from their doorstep. Before this service starts at a community, a Strategic ServiceTech studies the layout of the property so that we can calculate the most efficient way to perform this service and be aware of resident buildings and the community’s trash enclosures. Once the ServiceTechs are familiar with the layout of the community, the service can start next service day.

With the holiday season ramping up the amount of waste produced is increasing. Valet Trash Pick-up keeps community trash enclosures from overflowing and causing possible hauler issues. If ServiceTechs see that a certain enclosure is full, they are able to take the waste to a different enclosure with more space. Valet Trash Pick-up is the perfect way to make sure waste doesn’t overwhelm your community while making the process easier for your residents.

Valet Trash Pick-up services play a pivotal role in enhancing resident satisfaction within communities. This service transforms the traditional chore of taking out the trash into a hassle-free experience for residents. By allowing residents to leave their trash outside their doors for scheduled pick-ups, Valet Trash services eliminate the need for residents to navigate to trash enclosures. This not only saves time but also contributes to a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing living environment.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, so don’t let waste management ruin your holiday spirit by overwhelming you and your community. To find out how your community can use Valet Trash Pick-up to ditch your trash, contact us today.  

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