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At Strategic, our business is designed to provide services that keep communities clean and attractive, while also making community management simpler by consolidating waste management services, individual resident billing and more. In this post we’ll talk about why Strategic is the premium choice for managers and owners with multiple properties looking to elevate their property value and portfolio.

For managers who own several properties, organizing all the specific services for communities can be a daunting task, especially if you manage multiple properties. If managing different vendors and services between multiple communities is a headache, that’s where Strategic can make your life much easier. Strategic is the ultimate one-stop shop for community services. If you partner with Strategic for even just one of your properties, you’re familiar with our services such as Large Item Pick-up, which keeps your trash enclosures and areas clean and hauler services running smoothly. Strategic even goes the extra mile to facilitate trash hauler services on behalf of communities to make management simple and cost efficient for community managers especially if they own multiple properties. Imagine how much more convenient this would be for all your properties together. Reviewing your community portfolio can reveal how much time through on-site labor can be saved, allowing for managers to focus more on maintenance that residents need.

If you’re a portfolio manager and are familiar with Strategics’ services, you know we can help you consolidate waste management with your properties. But did you also know that Strategic services can be passed to residents as a utility through RUBS? (Download our RUBS e-book.) Managers that partner with Strategic can use RUBS to alleviate the burden of utility billing from ownership and instead divide costs fairly between residents.

Using Strategic for your portfolios can also increase service efficiency, which can help lower costs. For community managers that oversee properties in close proximity to each other, Strategic is able to service them on the same day. This is not only more cost effective and time efficient but makes a manager’s schedule far simpler by consolidating service days rather than using a vendor on multiple days and juggling many service schedules.

Whether it’s facilitating hauler services for your community or helping you distribute billing to residents, Strategic is specially equipped to be the one-stop shop for your management needs. To find out how Strategic can elevate your community appearance and consolidate your communitys’ services, contact us today.

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