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Waste management is a crucial part of community value as we’ve talked about before, but another important action in waste management is waste reduction. Waste reduction can help lower costs for maintenance and upkeep, help maintain awareness among residents to reduce their waste production and help reduce the environmental footprint of a community. In this post, we’ll go over the importance of waste reduction, trash management and some helpful tips on how to maintain a high-value community with sustainable waste management practices and awareness.

It may seem as though waste reduction is too big of an ask. After all, there are so many people in Southern California and they’re going to naturally produce a lot of waste. However, there are some simple ways both communities and individuals can take responsibility for reducing waste output. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Compost. Composting is a great way to dispose of organics, and many cities have programs to promote and facilitate composting. Check out California’s composting tips and resources here.
  • Reduce Electrical Use. While also saving costs on your electric bills, reduced electricity usage saves money on things such as light bulbs and batteries by needing to replace them less frequently.
  • Donate Unwanted Items. Rather than just throwing out shirts you never wear, or even a flower vase you don’t use, find a second-hand store to donate unwanted items that are still in good shape.
  • Recycle. One of the biggest actions in waste reduction and for good reason. Recycling is not only better for the environment but can elevate your community value and benefit your property by complying with your California recycling regulations
  • Properly Dispose of E-waste. E-waste is one of the most difficult resources to dispose of. Making sure it is responsibly recycled is a great way to manage sustainable waste practices. Check to see if things such as computers can be repaired through battery replacement rather than just throwing them away, it could save you hundreds!

We’ve talked about the importance of recycling in the past, but how can Strategic help your communities with waste reduction? Reduction plays a key role in keeping maintenance costs low and maintaining community appearance to keep and attract residents. By providing services such as Large Item Pick-up we make sure trash enclosures remain clear for the haulers to empty bins, and On-site Waste Control prevents stray trash from escaping community waste areas. We are also a California e-waste certified handler to help communities reduce any e-waste they accumulate. We also communicate directly with haulers so that communities never miss a pick-up due to an overflowing bin.

Stewarding our communities doesn’t just mean figuring out where to put our trash, but learning how to reduce waste altogether, so people can live more sustainably and protect the environment. You can see more tips and best practices from the EPA here.

To find out how Strategic can help your communities manage and reduce waste efficiently and effectively, contact us today.

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