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Compactors play an unsung but critical role in the seamless functioning of multifamily communities. They are the backbone of efficient waste management systems, ensuring that the daily accumulation of trash and recyclables is compacted and stored properly until it can be disposed of or recycled. This process is vital for maintaining public health, safety and the aesthetic appeal of communities. However, what happens when communities are faced with the challenge of a broken compactor? That is where Strategic’s Compactor Services comes in handy. We provide as-needed service for urgent repairs and quarterly maintenance plans for routine equipment upkeep and disrepair prevention. We offer a range of compactor services comes, including  compactor repair, maintenance and disposal.

From as-needed next-day repairs to regular compactor maintenance for preventative care, we can do it all.

Has your compactor broken unexpectedly? Do you need a compactor expert on demand? We repair compactor parts and systems identified during a thorough inspection. This can involve minor repairs, such as low fluid levels, and major repairs to the electrical, hydraulic or other systems that are part of compactor operations. These repairs can also include replacing cylinders, motors, pumps, controls, relays, photo sensors, switches and fuses. As you can say, there are many moving parts of a compactor, and we want to make sure they’re all running smoothly for you. 

Our qualified ServiceTechs perform a routine, quarterly inspection to check fluid levels and make sure everything is in top shape. This preventive maintenance service is designed to increase compactor life and reduce repair costs over the life of the compactor by following the manufacturer recommended maintenance service. Our goal is to catch disrepairs before they become a problem and disrupt your team’s or your resident’s routine. 

If your community has a compactor that is beyond repair and needs to make space for  a new compactor, we can dispose of your old one to save you the hassle. We dispose of ram style single chute compactors, fully disconnecting them and transporting them to a metal recycling facility to ensure all parts of safely and properly disposed with efficiency.

By leveraging Strategic’s Compactor Services, communities can rest assured that their compactors will remain in optimal condition, minimizing the risk of unscheduled downtimes that can lead to waste management crises. This proactive approach to compactor maintenance underscores the importance of regular inspections, scheduled upkeep and efficient disposal plans in sustaining the health and wellbeing of multifamily communities. To learn more about how Strategic can help with your trash compactor needs, contact us today.

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