"The R3 Excellence Award recognizes team members who most exemplify Strategic’s core values of Respect, Reliability, & Responsibility"
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The 2018 September R3 Excellence Award goes to Elmer Lopez, a General ServiceTech for Orange County and the Inland Empire. Elmer joined Strategic in February 2018 and since then he has proven himself to be an outstanding team member. Elmer is always cheerful and greets everyone with a smile! He’s a great teacher and happily shares his knowledge with other ServiceTechs. Elmer is Respectful, Reliable, and Responsible!

Praise for Elmer

Elmer embodies the qualities that we as a company hold dear. Elmer is a very hard worker who greets everyone with a smile and brightens their day. Elmer is a team player and does his best to make our company look good. He pays attention to details and is always willing to help wherever and whenever he can. When Elmer has an idea, or he knows how to perform a task more efficiently, he shares his knowledge with his teammates. He is a person who takes great pride in his work and sets a great example for others. Elmer makes the work-day more enjoyable by always staying positive and supporting his teammates. Strategic is very blessed to have Elmer on our team.”      – Rick Hilgert, President

“Elmer always works with a smile on his face. He is very responsible and always willing to help. He exemplifies the 3 Rs.  His positive attitude toward work spreads amongst his coworkers. His communication is always timely.”     – Manuel Maturino, Field Services Manager

A Word from Elmer

When asked why he likes working for Strategic, Elmer said, “There’s a lot that I like about Strategic, I like to work with the people: my partners, Leads, Managers, Administration and the Owners. They are all very nice and I have never worked with such nice people”. He likes the “unity and communication” between everyone. He also appreciates “the respect that the managers and owners have” for him and his team members.

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