Welcome to the FAQs page of our premium trash management company, dedicated to serving the unique needs of multifamily apartments and condominium communities. At Strategic, we understand the challenges and intricacies of waste disposal in residential communities. As specialists in sustainable and efficient waste control solutions, we’ve compiled this list of frequently asked questions to provide you with valuable insights into our services, processes, and how we can partner with you to address your trash management needs. Whether you’re a property manager, resident, or part of an HOA board, this resource aims to offer clarity and transparency, ensuring a seamless premium trash management experience for all.

Trash management is more than a porter service. It’s the management and maintenance of all things waste-related at an apartment or condo community. At Strategic Sanitation Services we audit and adjust your trash and recycle services to fit your needs, communicate with the hauler to ensure smooth trash pick-up service, clean and tidy your enclosures or trash rooms, remove bulky item clutter on the property,  perform maintenance services and more. We’ve perfected our Waste Optimization™ Assessment to assess your current trash costs and make sure you aren’t paying for more than you need with your trash hauler or other trash vendors. We are a tech-enabled company, which means you’ll receive periodic e-forms with our photo-documented and time-stamped service reports to assure you of a job well done.  And we have a dedicated Customer Solutions team to assist you with scheduling or service questions at any time.

Contact us at Strategic Sanitation Services for all your trash management needs. We are here to help you keep your community clean and happy.

Nope. But we do solve problems created by the trash hauler. 

Strategic does not replace your weekly trash pick-up service. We help to optimize your trash capacity and enclosure space with On-site Waste Control, Large Item Pick-up and other services, and we cover all communications with the hauler, to ensure a smooth pick-up process for your community.

We offer a range of trash management services for HOAs and apartments, including an audit of services, trash enclosure clean-up, bulky item removal, pressure washing, chute repair and more.

Our janitorial trash management services are designed to keep your community safe, tidy and looking great all year. Our goal is to offer you the right combination of services for your community’s needs.

Costs vary depending on community style and size, number of trash bins and services we recommend. To determine an accurate cost for services, we begin with a free waste assessment of your community, so we can provide you with the right solution for your trash problems.

Request an assessment today for an accurate quote.

You can improve your curb appeal by having large items such as furniture, home décor, mattresses, large appliances, construction materials, and other bulky items removed by our team on a scheduled weekly basis. Contact our team to inquire about Large Item Pick-up.

Our company stands apart from trash haulers, porters and auditors. Our Waste Optimization™ Assessment doesn’t simply audit your trash situation and leave you hanging. Once we evaluate your community’s needs, we are on site every week to provide top-tier service by our trained professionals. We have a dedicated Customer Solutions team ready to problem-solve any issue. And you can count on us to be Respectful, Reliable and Responsible in every service and interaction.