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Trash hauler overage fees are caused by overflowing waste that makes it more difficult for your hauler to complete your community’s waste removal. Overage can incur bothersome fees, is bad for the environment and is an eyesore for your residents. Oftentimes, trash haulers won’t even haul bins with overage.

At Strategic, we want to make waste removal as cost-effective as possible. We’ve compiled some strategies you can use to take control of your trash pick-up and ensure you don’t have to deal with any overage notices or fees.

1. Ensure the right schedule for your community’s needs.

If your community generates a high amount of waste, you may need to look at your trash hauler schedule. This could mean rearranging the schedule, so pick up occurs on the days with the highest trash levels or it could mean scheduling more frequent pick-ups to prevent trash bin overflow. Make sure your hauler service is right-sized to your community. Our monitoring and reporting services make it easy to deal with issues immediately by contacting our dedicated customer solutions team. Customer solutions also can provide photo reports if needed, so you have a clear record of instances of overhaul.

2. Communicate with the hauler.

Though it may seem more cost-effective to schedule a minimal amount of hauler service, if your community generates excess waste, you’ll ultimately end up paying more in overage fees. If you have questions about fees or are wondering why your waste has not been picked up, you may need to call your trash hauler. Good communication goes a long way in optimizing your waste removal services and ensuring the most effective and cost-efficient process.

If you’ve followed our troubleshooting advice and are still having problems, there may be other reasons. There are a few possible reasons your trash may not be getting picked up, from overflow to something blocking the trash enclosure. If you’ve taken steps to eliminate overflow and are unsure of the issue, it may be time to bring in trash experts.

3. Use a professional cleanup/maintenance team.

You know that your residents have busy schedules and may not take the extra time to make sure they throw away their trash in the most efficient manner possible. Using a cleanup team can go a long way in keeping your property clean and can prevent overage fees by monitoring trash areas to make sure they adhere to guidelines.

Strategic offers an on-site waste control service that provides cleaning services in and around the trash enclosure. Our team can also monitor for missed pick-ups, trash contamination, or any equipment that may need repair.


If you follow these guidelines, dealing with consistent overage fees can become a thing of the past, saving you money and time spent dealing with inefficient trash pick-up. If your trash hauling needs vary over time, consider working with a vendor that takes care of right-sizing your trash services for you. Strategic is committed to providing top-quality waste removal services, and we are always glad to communicate with communities to ensure your waste removal process is running smoothly.



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