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Last month, we talked about the reasons your trash hauler might not be picking up at your community. This month, we’re talking about what to do if the trash has not been hauled and you need to call the hauler.

It’s a tricky conversation. One that involves finding a representative who will listen to your needs and respond accordingly to provide your community with its service. Sometimes a call like this can take upwards of 20 minutes due to wait times and phone line transfers. Even after your call, you may need to follow up depending on whether the return pick-up was completed as promised. On occasion, you might have to escalate your complaint.

Calling the hauler is, unfortunately, a necessary pain, much like going to the dentist or standing in line at the DMV. While no one likes having to call the hauler to request return service, there are some trash management companies that include this within their service. Unless you find a vendor with a dedicated customer service team who will do this for you, there really isn’t another way around it. We thought we’d put together a step-by-step list for you to follow the next time you have to call the hauler. Perhaps it will make this a little easier on you.

1. Find your trash hauler and acquire their contact info.

You might need to do some digging to find out who your trash hauler is. Once you have the right company, locate their phone number in your records or perform a Google search. You might need to try a few numbers or ask the representative to transfer you to the right person.

2. Have the right community info at hand.

Be ready with your account number, community or manager phone number, trash hauler schedule and the number of trash and recycle bins at your property. You’ll likely need to provide information about your community to verify your identity and need to reference other information during your conversation.

3. Call the hauler.

Dial the number and wait for a representative. Expect to wait at least a few minutes on hold to speak with the rep that can help you.

4. Explain the situation and request a return pick-up.

Be specific about what type of bin was missed (trash, recycling, green, etc.), and provide details for where the bin or bins are located (i.e., street names or enclosure or bin numbers).

5. Take notes.

It’s a good idea to jot down the gist of the conversation and the scheduled return pick-up date. You can also make note of the name of the representative and other details you think relevant.

6. Monitor the bins for return pick-up.

Confirm the missed bins have been hauled on the promised return date by keeping a close eye on them.

7. Call back if bins remain unserviced.

If your trash or recycling has not been recovered, you may need to call again. Reference your notes from the first call, and if the problem persists, politely ask to escalate the issue.



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