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Whether you are a football fanatic or in it for the half-time show, everyone loves Superbowl Sunday for get-togethers complete with drinks, apps and entertainment. But there can be some negative effects caused by the beloved American sporting event, and it’s important to celebrate mindfully. One Green Planet and National Geographic reports that the Superbowl game itself leads to 80,000 pounds of trash. While efforts have been made to utilize more reuse and recycling options at the stadium, that’s still a lot of trash! According to Bloomberg, cities like Phoenix, Arizona, are “aiming to minimize the amount of actual trash from game-day events that [end] up in landfills” and divert 2,000 tons of waste. These are important steps in reducing the amount of single-use waste produced by large-scale events.

But how does an Orange County mid-rise community deal with the aftermath of Superbowl parties, coupled with Valentine’s Day trash just a few days later? Your trash rooms and chutes can quickly fill up with ravaged veggie trays, chip bags, bottles and cans. It’s good to have a plan for tidying your facilities after residents host big gatherings. Here are a couple of ways you can keep your trash rooms and chutes clean and in good working order.

Plan for extra maintenance hours.

After a big weekend, cleaning your trash room will likely take more time than usual. Make sure your maintenance team and your budget are prepped for this extra load.

Bring in an outside vendor to help.

If your team is swamped as it is, you can always hire an external vendor to do the dirty work for you. Some companies offer chute room cleaning, pressure washing, odor control and other services to help alleviate that extra work—taking care of tidying and washing leftover gunk buildup. Recurring cleanings can ensure your community is ready for a big celebration weekend.

Post educational material for your residents.

Resident education is never a bad idea, especially leading up to events. You can post flyers and signs near or in your trash rooms letting your guests know what kind of waste goes where. Proper sorting can prevent accumulation and contamination in your trash chutes.

Schedule a routine chute inspection.

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your trash chutes checked out, now might be a good time. Years of waste, grime and everyday use can deteriorate your trash equipment before you realize it. Door hinges, handles and flanges are especially susceptible. In addition, more trash naturally means higher fire risk. Having working trash chute equipment is essential to keeping your residents and community safe from hazard. Check out our chute inspection service to make sure your chutes are in working order after all this weekend’s wear.

Have fun!

This Sunday enjoy some wings and a cold one (in a reusable glass), or cuddle up with a special someone over chocolate next Tuesday. Either way, you’ve got a game plan for post-party trash management now.



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