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The 2024 Apartment Association of Orange County (AAOC) Expo is an important event in the property management industry in Orange County. The AAOC Expo provides the chance for apartment community owners and management to network and see the latest in apartment innovation, sustainability and efficiency. At the event, we had the opportunity to capture the attention of many individuals by presenting the benefits of a premium trash management vendor. At the helm, our President Kenneth Reyes and our Sales Team showcased the spirit of innovation and foresight that Strategic is renowned for.

One of the highlights of the expo was a 15-minute tech demonstration by Kenneth, which showcased how Strategic is at the forefront of integrating technology into trash management. He explained that in the coming years, we plan to create a customer portal where community management can access service requests, reports, billing and more to make trash management that much easier. Sales Account Manager Bill Sowers commented about our use of technology, “How we utilize technology, such as GoFormz to time and date stamp all our services with pictures is our most significant feature. This helps us to build confidence and trust from our customers and is an area that is lacking across the industry.” Kenneth’s presentation demonstrated how Strategic leverages cutting-edge solutions to tackle today’s trash problems. He unveiled a series of innovations that will set new benchmarks in efficiency and sustainability. 

The expo was also an opportunity for in-depth discussions on the economic impacts of effective trash management. On a panel of industry leaders, Kenneth delved into how Strategic’s services are about more than cleanliness. They are crucial for the financial health of properties. He articulated how Strategic’s trash management can lead to substantial savings for property owners and managers.

Kenneth explained that through efficient trash handling, properties can reduce operational costs and lessen their environmental impact. The discussion underscored the point that investing in smart trash management solutions is not an expense but a move that pays dividends in the long run.

Our Sales Team embarked on a mission to deepen and expand our network within the community management industry. They engaged in meaningful conversations with several key players, setting the stage for new alliances. The main question our team set out to answer for community owners and managers is, “How will your service help me?”. Eric Lenning commented, “We help managers take back time and create space between themselves and day-to-day trash problems, so they can focus on what matters most, which is keeping residents happy. Our services aside, the biggest [takeaway] is how both [managers] and their teams don’t have to worry or talk about trash problems.”

The Sales Team was focused on creating relationships between top-tier apartment management companies and premium trash services. By emphasizing the mutual benefits of such partnerships, our team showcased how integrating cutting-edge trash management solutions can elevate the living experience for residents while streamlining operations for management. We asked both Eric and Bill what makes Strategic the premium option and they both responded with our dedicated Customer Solutions Team and our use of technology. Bill said, “We do an amazing job of communicating with our customers and keeping them informed.” Eric answered “Having a dedicated Customer Solutions Team enhanced with the best technology support enables Strategic to respond incredibly fast in a highly coordinated fashion. This gives our customers a sense of reassurance that when Strategic is handling an issue, they don’t have to worry about it.” This proactive approach not only positions us as a leader in the field but also demonstrates our commitment to innovation and excellence in service.

The 2024 AAOC Expo has been a significant occasion for Strategic Sanitation Services, highlighting the importance of technology-driven trash management solutions. With Kenneth and the Sales Team at the forefront, we demonstrated how we adapt technology into our business and how our trash management services can save communities money. Our journey continues, with the promise of protecting the environment and caring for people. For more information on how Strategic can help with your trash management needs, contact us today. 

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