"The R3 Excellence Award recognizes team members who most exemplify Strategic’s core values of Respect, Reliability, & Responsibility"
Isaac Garrido
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The 2021 July R3 Excellence Award goes to Isaac Garrido. Isaac has been with Strategic since August 2018. His dedication to his work and to serving the company is a huge asset to Strategic. He is friendly and easy-going, and he is always willing to provide the necessary support to any of his team members. Isaac is thorough and dependable, and he clearly demonstrates the R3 characteristics in all that he does.

Praise for Isaac

“Isaac is a true team player! He is always willing to jump in and help anywhere that it is needed. He has grown significantly in his role and technical abilities in the past 3 years. He is easy to work with and truly embodies our values. We are blessed to have him on the team.” – Ken Reyes, Director of Marketing

“Isaac is an invaluable member of the S3 team. He is quick to respond to any IT problems the Office or Field teams have and works hard to find the solutions he doesn’t already know. Being Respectful, Reliable, and Responsible is second-nature to him, and his positive attitude makes him a pleasure to work with!” – Kirsten Lazio, Customer Service Assistant Manager

A Word from Isaac

“I enjoy working for Strategic because it’s a wonderful environment. The culture is positive and consistent. The people are nice and fun to be around, and there is not a high level of stress in the office. In my free time, I like to play pickleball, hang out with friends and play party games. Lately, I have been playing Code Names and Mafia with my family. I also enjoy going to the gym, reading a book, and in general, taking it easy. You might not know that I am left-handed. One of my favorite memories at Strategic is the time I accidentally ripped my pants at the office. Jessica had asked me to carry a box to the storage room upstairs. I knew I was supposed to keep my back straight and use my legs when lifting. As I lifted the box, my pants ripped all the way up the back. I had to make a run to Target in a pair of gym shorts and my work shirt for a spare pair of pants.”

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