"The R3 Excellence Award recognizes team members who most exemplify Strategic’s core values of Respect, Reliability, & Responsibility"
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The 2019 July R3 Excellence Award goes to Juan Ramos, a General Lead ServiceTech for Orange County. Juan has been with Strategic since March 2018. Juan is an excellent team member who always has a smile on his face. He’s Respectful, Reliable and Responsible. Congratulations Juan!

Praise for Juan

“Juan is a good lead. He’s always willing to help other teams get the job done. He represents the 3R’s!” – Manny Maturino, Field Services Manager

“I want to thank you for picking up the stuff in my garage. Juan [was] fantastic! Very friendly. It was amazing how [he and his team] were able to get all the stuff on the truck. Thanks again Juan, great job!” – Alan, Resident at Village Walk HOA

“Juan was very helpful with an item [I] was getting rid of. Juan was very nice and personable.” – Resident at Northwood Horizon HOA

A Word from Juan

“What I like most about working for Strategic is having two outstanding managers, who I have great communication with. I appreciate that when I have something important to say, they take it into consideration. I enjoy working for this company because I look forward to going to work. I’ve had jobs in the past, where that wasn’t the case.”

“I enjoy spending time (that I didn’t have before with my other jobs) with my family and going fishing with my two sons. Spending time with my wife is very important and going out on dates to keep our relationship strong and putting God first in all that we say and do. Can’t leave my daughters out…I believe family is very important.”

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