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This month our leadership spotlight is shining on our Field Services Manager, Alfonso Morales. Alfonso has been a part of our team since 2022. He heads up the Field Service Department, managing a team of over 50 members. To understand what drives Alfonso’s passion for good leadership, we asked him a few questions. Read on to hear what he shared with us.

Could you share with us a brief overview of your professional background and how it has shaped your journey to becoming a leader in this company?

I started my career in leadership back in 2012 at the Disneyland Resort. I was a lead for the security department where I assisted with training and onboarding new employees and lead teams in day-to-day operations. Later, I was accepted into the Disneyland Resort leadership program that specialized in developing and shaping future leaders for the company. During my time in the program, I was promoted to Manager of Housekeeping for The Grand California Hotel & Spa. My focus was on learning how to build strong teams and bring out the best in others as a manager. I did this by applying and adapting my leadership style and managing conditions to drive team performance.

In early 2013, I graduated from the leadership program and went on to be Manger of Valet Services for the Grand California Hotel & Spa, Security Manager for Parks and Resorts, and Housekeeping Manager for Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel. In total, I worked at Disneyland from 2001 to 2017. 

In 2017 I shifted my career and was hired as Senior Contracts Administrator for the City of Mission Viejo, where I focused on securing contracts for the city, primarily overseeing the city’s facilities janitorial contract and project management. My major responsibilities included ensuring all public facilities we maintained were clean and safe for community use. 

I decided to leave the City of Mission Viejo to pursue a better work/life balance, and I was hired as Field Services Manager at Strategic Sanitation, Inc. Now, I strive to encourage my team to keep our service promise to our customers by working safely and efficiently while embodying our core values of Respect, Reliability, and Responsibility. 

Are there any specific values or principles that have guided your approach to leading your team?

I have three main values that I keep top of mind in my leadership: humility, empathy, and motivation. I believe incorporating these values fosters an environment where each team member’s feedback and opinion is valued and heard. One team, one dream!

Aside from your professional responsibilities, what personal passions or interests do you bring to your role as a leader?

I am a people person. I love the interactions I get to have with community managers, team members, and potential new ServiceTechs. I like to engage in conversations to learn about other people’s passions and perspectives. In fact, I was a facilitator for Disneyland for many years, and getting up in front of a large crowd really gets me pumped up. I like to rally the troops! 

What aspects of your role as a leader ignite your enthusiasm the most?

I love to see individuals succeed. It really is my passion. When I can help a team member achieve a goal of theirs, it’s the most rewarding part of being a leader. I believe that to have a successful team, you must influence, guide, and motivate. This is what creates great future leaders.

We are thankful to have you as part of our leadership, Alfonso!

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