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In this month’s Leadership Spotlight, we’re featuring Jessica Ramirez, an inspirational leader at Strategic. With a dedication to embodying Strategic’s core values—Reliability, Respect and Responsibility—Jessica’s passion for nurturing new talent and her unique Servant Leadership style drive the company’s culture and success. Discover more about how Jessica’s blend of personal and professional passions inform her leadership approach and invigorates her enthusiasm for her role.

Prior to joining Strategic my work experience included a variety of general office positions. I started out as an office assistant for a NIKE subsidiary company and then spent a few years as a mortgage loan processor. While raising my children, I worked many years as a part time bookkeeper for a seasonal company.  During those years, I also had the pleasure of serving as an Assistant Class Administrator and Treasurer for my Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) class. That was my first experience of seeing Servant Leadership in action.

In 2014 I joined Strategic as an Accounting Associate where I assisted the Accounting Manager with various accounting tasks, including invoicing and accounts receivables.  Within a couple of years, my responsibilities started shifting towards human resources, and in 2019 I became the HR Administrator. As the HR Administrator I was responsible for the full cycle recruiting process. This provided a great opportunity to represent Strategic and reflect our purpose, values (Reliable, Respectful, Responsible), and culture as I recruited new team members to join our team. There is nothing more rewarding than hiring a new team member and watching them grow, develop and contribute to the success of the company. Shortly after, I transitioned to my current position as HR Manager.

When I became the HR Manager, I joined Strategic’s Leadership Team. This is where I was introduced to Ken Blanchard’s SERVE model and I started to develop my own Servant Leadership style. The SERVE model shares some of the same principles as Servant Leadership, and I immediately knew that I wanted to help the Leadership team incorporate these principles into the company’s culture.  Now as the HR Manager, I use the SERVE model to lead my team, care for our team members, and support our Leadership Team.

I strive to reflect the principles of Servant Leadership when leading my team by incorporating authenticity, integrity, compassion, empowerment, continuous improvement and putting others first. I try to provide a positive work environment where my team members feel supported, encouraged and motivated to perform well. I want my team members to know that above all else, I truly care about their well-being, and I want them to grow, develop and succeed. Investing in others generates results, but it also helps build trust and motivation in a team.  

I love Patrick Lencioni’s The 6 Types of Working Genius. Discovering my gifts through this assessment has not only transformed how I view my work and performance, but how I interact with co-workers, friends and family members.  I am constantly searching for ways to apply Lencioni’s principles and better understand how others work, which has helped develop and strengthen my Servant Leadership skills. Sharing the Working Genius model and assessment with others has become a personal passion.  

The most fulfilling aspect of my role as a leader is having the opportunity to help and support others. As the HR Manager, I get to help create policies that protect and support both our team members and the company. I enjoy working with others to navigate and solve issues they may be facing with their teams. I take pleasure in welcoming new team members and helping them grow and succeed. I still remember when a new team member was thanking us for the job opportunity, and he stated, “You guys are just so nice!”  It is those moments that confirm when I am fulfilling one of my purposes as a leader—serving and caring for others, which ignites my enthusiasm the most. 

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