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This month, we are spotlighting Kirsten Lazio! Kirsten has been a part of our team since 2016. Kirsten is the Customer Solutions Manager, managing our dedicated team that coordinates scheduling, handles customer communications, and works with the Field Services team to troubleshoot issues. Read about Kirsten’s approach to leadership at Strategic!

I worked in the entertainment and insurance industries before joining Strategic as a Customer Solutions Representative in 2016. I held the role of Acting Customer Solutions Manager for a few months during a time of transition in the department. I then moved permanently into the role in January of 2023. Over the course of my career, I have worked under supervisors with very diverse management techniques, and I have been able to identify leadership traits that encourage the growth of team members, as well as characteristics that can hold people back.

I have been fortunate to work under Supervisors who modelled excellence and maintained a high standard in every aspect of the job. I have also been privileged to work with teams who were committed to outstanding work and cooperation. I have had the opportunity to lead small teams—a role I find both personally and professionally rewarding. My goal as a leader is to recognize each person’s strength and how they can best contribute to the team. This is an ever-evolving puzzle as team members grow and learn more. Weaknesses become strengths, and hidden valuable qualities in people come to light. Collaboration in getting the job done well is a joy, even for an introvert!

For more than two decades, I was involved in an international fellowship that brings the study of the Word of God to thousands of communities. I was honored at having the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself. At Strategic, I find that passion realized in being part of the Fulfillment department. Our Customer Solutions team is honored to work closely with the Field Team every day. I oversee a team of knowledgeable, dedicated women who support our hard-working ServiceTechs by scheduling services, answering questions, and solving problems for our customers. The daily challenges are diverse, and often require research to find the most economical and efficient solution. No one person can have all the answers, so I strive to lead my team in learning how similar issues have been resolved in the past, while keeping in mind the unique needs and priorities of each community we serve. Each day is different, and I am excited to be able to participate in the growth of my team members as they solve new problems while contributing to the fulfillment of Strategic promises.

I believe in working in an atmosphere that is both lighthearted and professional. I believe that standard should be kept high, but when team members are relaxed and unafraid to make mistakes, they are encouraged to take on new tasks and eager to share their knowledge with others.

I have served the public at every stage of my career, whether on my feet or behind a desk and I have been proud to work in these professions that were improving the quality of people’s lives. At Strategic we are making a difference in people’s neighborhoods, in the place they call home, and to accomplish this alongside people whose work I appreciate, and whose character I respect and enjoy is one of the best things about being a leader at Strategic.

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