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With 2023 coming to a close and 2024 right around the corner, we’re looking back gratefully on the blessings of this year and looking forward to the year ahead. This year at Strategic we worked hard continuing to up our game in making our business one that provides communities with premium waste management and community appearance services in a sustainable and affordable way. In this post we’ll talk about our expectations for continued excellence in 2024.

Last year we set five goals to continue and improve on providing excellent services in both quality and efficiency, and committed ourselves to accomplishing these goals. We continued to provide respectful, reliable and responsible service by providing excellent communication with communities. We offer services that are tailored specifically for each property so we can best serve their community’s needs. Strategic also continues to care for our team members with added benefits and training classes to offer ways members can advance their careers as they continue their high-quality work. Throughout the year we continued to emphasize responsible waste management through proper recycling and reuse laws, and provided communities with ways to make this easier and more cost-efficient. We also kept a detailed record of charities and causes we believe in, to help these charities continue to take care of the community and those in need.

Why are we committed to things like customer experience, accountability and sustainability? Why do we put so much time and effort into tailoring services for our customers? Well it’s because we don’t want to be like any other vendor. Our mission statement is clear, we want to “Honor God, Care for People and Guard the Environment.” These are our driving goals, and commitment to them is what has made our business successful in bringing quality trash management services to communities, helping them build cleaner and more comfortable spaces for people to live and thrive in. Our goals for 2024 are of the same motivation as last year’s:

  • We strive to redefine industry standards to reflect principles of working for the community, and we’re committing to strengthening our services and customer experience to improve operations in order to continue expanding our care for team members, customers and the community at large.
  • We’re committed to continue donating to charities that do more than just business, but protect communities through serving those hurting or in need.
  • Most of all we commit to continue making community and property management simpler and more efficient so that managers can keep improving their communities, prevent overflowing dumpsters and trash enclosures while providing clean and comfortable living for countless residents.

At Strategic it has always been our goal to be the premium trash management service provider by committing to top quality, sustainable services for the communities we partner with. We’re excited to continue serving the community in 2024.

To learn how you can partner with Strategic to improve your community’s appearance and waste management in the New Year, contact us today.

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