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Podium-style communities are growing in popularity. However, they can pose more maintenance challenges than traditional garden-style communities due to their layout and high density of residents.

Having more moving pieces makes dealing with trash problems more difficult. For example, in a garden-style community, common trash problems include:

  • Missed Pickups
  • Messy Enclosures

While managers of podium-style communities contend with additional problems such as:

  • Clogged chutes
  • Damaged chute doors
  • Broken compactors
  • Faulty deodorizing systems

Managers of any style community can improve the conditions of their trash areas by having an on-site maintenance team deal with the most common trash problems. Hiring waste specialists to help mitigate these problems can be a huge help. These third-party options include porter services, janitorial services, and waste control specialists.



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