Managing Trash at Podium Communities

Managing Trash at Podium Communities

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While podium style communities are growing in popularity, they pose more maintenance challenges than traditional garden style communities due to the different physical layout and high density of residents. The chart below compares the different components of trash management at Garden and Podium style communities.

Additionally, having more moving pieces to the trash management puzzle makes dealing with trash problems more challenging. For example, in a garden style community, common trash problems include:

  • Missed Pickups
  • Messy Enclosures

In addition to these problems, managers of podium style communities also content with other trash and maintenance problems such as:

  • Clogged chutes
  • Damaged chute doors
  • Broken compactors
  • Faulty deodorizing systems

Managers of any apartment style community can improve the conditions of their trash areas by having their onsite maintenance team deal with the most common trash problems or by hiring waste specialists to help mitigate these problems. These third-party options include porter services, janitorial services, and waste control specialists.