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It’s that time of year again and the holiday season is coming up quick! Colored lights and wreathes are going up, and of course, Christmas trees are too. But once the holidays are done, people will need to get rid of those trees! In this post we’ll go over the service Strategic provides to help communities maintain a festive spirit this holiday season, while also keeping their communities clean and their waste management simple and responsible.

We’ve talked in the past about how our services are designed to be self-sufficient, taking stress off of community managers and streamlining efficiency. Our Christmas Tree Removal service is no exception to this! If Christmas trees are not removed in a timely manner, they begin to disintegrate and the needles begin to drop. But with our removal service, trees are picked up twice a week following the holidays and sustainably disposed of. We also sweep up any mess, so that needles aren’t scattered all over the sidewalks or driveways.

Because this service is multiple times a week, managers do not have to worry about overseeing tree removal, freeing them up for their other responsibilities. Ensuring that Christmas trees don’t stack up after the holidays will also safeguard waste enclosures from clutter and keep tree troubles from hindering your regular services. Large Item Pick-up, On-site Waste Control and regular waste pick-ups can keep running as they should.

For approximately 6 weeks following Christmas, ServiceTechs include Christmas Tree Removal to their regularly scheduled service in communities, picking up any trees in or around waste areas or enclosures. Because our Large Item Pick-up service is already on site performing regular services, Christmas tree removal requires no extra coordination from community managers. This keeps extra services from weighing down managers by removing the need for oversight, without sacrificing community cleanliness.

At Strategic, we understand that the holiday season can be overwhelming for community managers. By providing oversight-free services, we make the holiday season far more manageable and enjoyable. To learn more about how our services can keep your community festive and clean this holiday season, contact us today.

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