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By Boden Lazio


Community management can be a grind. Keeping your community a clean and enjoyable living space takes a lot of time and effort. Because of this, many vendor services are burdensome even if they’re providing a good service because of the oversight needed by management to ensure the right work is being done. In this post we’ll discuss how Strategic’s services are not only high quality, but also don’t require any additional time from you to micromanage.

Responsible Self-sufficiency

For a community manager with too much on their plate, having to oversee the work of vendors working at your community can be more trouble than it’s worth. You need quality services that are efficient and environmentally conscious, but even then, the oversight for such services might be too much work. What we emphasize at Strategic is high quality services that are efficient and self-sufficient.

But what does that look like in practice? Strategic services are self-managed and have real-time reporting for quality assurance after each service day. This means services don’t need any oversight from community managers. Not only that, but Strategic services are recurring, so community managers don’t even have to worry about rescheduling regular services.

Giving Time Back to Managers

One thing we’ve talked about before is the importance of going the extra mile. When it comes to oversight, we’re able to actually give time back to community managers by through our ability to manage hauler communications on behalf of communities for issues like missed pick-ups, bin replacement & repair and more. By taking on these issues for communities, Strategic is able to give managers peace of mind and one less thing to manage.

Maximizing Transparency & Efficiency Through Technology

One of the most important aspect of our services is the use of technology in monitoring and reporting. When it comes to real-time reporting, our ServiceTechs and Customer Solutions Team are equipped with up-to-date tech to ensure the highest efficiency for updates and ensuring quality services. Our ServiceTechs are equipped with company smartphones to provide photos in reports and are trained to set up and repair tech equipment such as Odor Control and Scent devices in trash rooms for podium communities.

These and other uses of technology in Strategic’s services keep us on the cutting-edge of quality, efficiency and transparency, keeping your community clean without the burden of constant oversight from management.


Strategic understands community managers already have too much to do, that’s why we offer services that make it easier on you to improve your community. But don’t just take our word for it, check out what communities we partner with have to say.

Contact us today to see how we can partner with you to make management simpler for you.

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