Podium Enclosure Pressure Washing
Orange County, CA

Trash by-products take a toll on your property. Scents and stains can seep into the concrete of your trash rooms unless dealt with regularly, and dirt or grime can become permanent fixtures on the surfaces of outdoor spaces. 

If you’re looking for a way to refresh your Orange County apartment or condo community, pressure washing is a simple solution. We use biodegradable degreaser to clean and sanitize your trash areas, so the effects are eco-friendly and effective.

We offer pressure washing as an as-needed or routinely scheduled service. 

Looking for pressure washing service for the trash enclosures at your garden community? Visit the page here.

Pressure Washing Service Orange County CA

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Pressure washing is an effective technique to 

  • Increase curb appeal: Residents notice dirty floors and surfaces, leading to dissatisfaction. Increase your curb appeal by ensuring even your trash rooms and enclosures are kept unsoiled.
  • Provide a deeper cleaning: Remove dirt, grime, mildew and smells from hard-to-reach areas with deeper, pressurized cleaning than traditional tidying methods. Stenches can resurface, especially in the hot, summer months.
  • Extend the life of your facilities: Regularly removing build up can decrease the effects of natural wear and tear caused by dirt, spills and grime. 

In short, pressure washing provides several benefits that keep your property looking great year round! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our pressure washing uses pressurized water to blast away dirt and debris from surfaces. The water and degreaser releases at a pressure strong enough to remove stubborn items such as tree sap, bird droppings, grease, oil stains and more.

The pressure can be adjusted depending on the surface. For example, if you’re cleaning brick or concrete, a higher pressure setting may be required. When cleaning a softer material like like wood or vinyl siding, a lower pressure might be necessary.

For safety reasons, it’s best to use the correct equipment and settings when using a pressure washer to prevent damage or harm. Professional power washing companies are knowledgable on the best settings for your cleaning service.

At Strategic Sanitation Services, we understand the importance of curb appeal in Orange County and are experienced in providing this vital service. We use high-quality equipment to ensure your property is cleaned safely, thoroughly and efficiently. 

We pressure wash community areas such as

  • Trash enclosures
  • Trash rooms
  • Trash chutes
  • Pool decks
  • Pool enclosures
  • Street gutters

Looking for pressure washing for your trash chutes? We offer Chute Pressure Washing to podium communities.

In addition to these services, some companies may offer additional maintenance or janitorial services for community areas.

Strategic offers Janitorial Services and other Maintenance & Repair services for the odd job at your community. These services can include pool and restroom cleanings, painting, minor repairs and patch work. 

Choosing the Right Service Provider

When looking for a good service provider, a few factors should be taken into consideration:

  1. First, research the company’s experience. Ask how long the service provider has been offering pressure washing in Orange County. This will give you an indication of their level of knowledge about local conditions. An experienced provider will know what equipment and technique works best.
  2. Next, compare prices. Make sure you get quotes before committing. 
  3. Lastly, ensure proper insurance & liability coverage, so you’re not liable if something goes wrong.

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Hiring professionals to do the dirty work makes your life easier. We are dedicated to providing you with Respectful, Reliable and Responsible services in Orange County. 

Whether you’re interested in a one-time service or ongoing maintenance, our professional staff are equipped with the technology, tools, and techniques necessary to bring your property back to brilliant condition. Plus, we use eco-friendly detergents that leave no residue behind.

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We’d like to be the company your community can rely on for pressure washing. We’re experienced, affordable, and offer excellent customer service. In addition to Orange County, we also service Riverside County, San Diego County and Los Angeles County. Contact us today to get started.


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Recurring Services

On-site Waste Control Orange County CA

On-site Waste Control is our main service—providing tidying and cleaning for your trash enclosures. Our ServiceTechs thoroughly tidy, clean and sweep the area of debris inside the trash enclosure, as well as compact and redistribute excess material to optimize the use of trash and recycle bins. ServiceTechs also proactively inspect for and report broken or inoperable equipment, including bins, doors or latches, so we can notify you of any issues with efficiency. Our goal with On-site Waste Control is to decrease your need for extra trash hauler service and to keep your trash enclosures looking neat and beautiful.

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Janitorial Cleaning Service Orange County CA

Janitorial Cleaning Service is the cleaning and tidying of community common areas, such as club houses, fitness centers and restrooms. Janitorial Cleaning Service aids your community in keeping your common areas cleanly for your residents.

Recycling Programs Orange County CA

Strategic’s Waste Optimization™ Plan for your community includes helping you develop environmentally responsible programs that minimize the amount of waste in our landfills. As part of our assessment, we will evaluate your city’s recycling requirements and options to add recycle or organic waste bins, assist with on-site sorting and manage the pick-up and proper disposal of e-waste, paints and oils. The Strategic team stays up to date on the latest recycling laws to help your community stay within guidelines. Our recycling programs are included and implemented in our Waste Optimization™ Plan for your community.

Large Item Pick-up service is the automatic removal of resident-generated large items left near or at your enclosures. This includes furniture, mattresses, home décor and more. With your authorization, our team can also automatically remove major appliances, remodeling and construction materials and commercial waste for an additional fee. Large Item Pick-up service helps improve your curb appeal by removing the clutter of large items around your community.

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Pet Waste Removal Orange County CA

Pet Waste Removal service inspects for and removes pet waste in the common areas of your community. Our ServiceTechs automatically clean up pet waste from grass, sidewalks and planters. If your community provides pet stations for your residents, Pet Waste Removal also includes emptying waste bins, restocking dog bags and wiping down station services.

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Monitoring & Reporting Services Orange County CA

Strategic will monitor your trash bins for capacity levels, misuse and disrepair. We take initiative to report missed pick-ups or bin maintenance to your trash hauler, and we notify you of the process. Additionally, we monitor for dumped commercial items, oil or paint spills, feces cleanup or any other field issues and alert you when necessary. With our ongoing monitoring and reporting, you can be assured that your Waste Optimization™ Plan is operating efficiently and effectively.

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Enclosure Pressure Washing Orange County CA

Enclosure Pressure Washing service provides periodic, scheduled power washing of your trash enclosures. Our pressure washing team uses hot water and biodegradable degreaser to clean and sanitize the floors, reducing stains and stenches in your enclosures.

Christmas Tree Removal Orange County CA

Christmas Tree Removal service is a seasonal program that removes and disposes of your Christmas trees following the holiday season. This service saves you money, time and hassle by removing the trees at your trash enclosures twice per week for the month following the holidays.

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As-Needed Services

Our Chute Inspection & Repair service provides a full examination of  your trash chutes and discharge doors to help you remain fire safety compliant. Our ServiceTech will check equipment related to fire safety, perform minor adjustments and tune-ups and provide you with a full report of larger repairs needed with the option to fix them.

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Trash Out Service Orange County CA

Trash Out service offers removal and disposal of personal items left behind by a resident move-out. These trash outs can be done inside the apartment or home or outside at the trash enclosure depending on your needs. Trash Out service is contracted on an as-needed basis for our customers.

Feces Cleanup service provides your community with a safe and quick way to have human feces messes cleaned up when found in your trash enclosures. Our team is trained to handle these situations, so your team doesn’t have to. Feces Cleanup service is contracted on an as-needed bases for our customers.

Compactor Services

Compactor Services keeps your compactor performing at its best, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency. We provide as-needed services for urgent repairs and quarterly maintenance plans for routine equipment upkeep and disrepair prevention.

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Contaminated Item Removal Orange County CA

Contaminated Item Removal is the proper disposal of biohazardous or insect infested large items. In order to protect your residents from health and safety risks, these items must be properly wrapped before they can be hauled away. Contaminated Item Removal is contracted on an as-needed basis for our customers.

Handyman Repair Service Orange County CA

Maintenance & Repair service is our term for a range of repair or maintenance work we can perform for your community. These services can include, but are not limited to, touch-up paint jobs, trash equipment repairs and patching stucco. Maintenance & Repair services are contracted on an as-needed basis for our customers.­­­

Oil spill on concrete

Oil or Paint Spill Cleanup takes care of cleaning oil or paint spills in or around your trash enclosures, helping to solve slipping hazards and prevent concrete stains. Oil or Paint Spill Cleanup service is contracted on an as-needed basis for our customers.