"The R3 Excellence Award recognizes team members who most exemplify Strategic’s core values of Respect, Reliability, & Responsibility"
Santino Munoz
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The 2022 May R3 Excellence Award goes to Santino Munoz. Santino has been a part of our team since March 2021. His work as a General ServiceTech stands out to us and our customers. His kindness, good communication and enthusiasm makes him a respectful, reliable and responsible team member. We are lucky to have him on our team!

Praise for Santino

“Santino has shown me that he truly embodies the 3Rs. He is dependable, reliable, provides excellent communication, and is hardworking. Santino has a great attitude and is friendly towards everyone. Also, he has impressed me with how much he has learned about our operations, allowing him to grow within S3.” – Ryan Chacko, former Field Services Manager

“You are doing a great job, and we appreciate everything you do for us!” – Brooke Ringland, Community Manager at Waterleaf Apts

“The Board loves you! They talk about it at every meeting. Everything at the community looks awesome!” – Amy Bergen, Community Manager at Villas at Westmore HOA

A Word from Santino

“I enjoy working for Strategic because of the freedom to make decisions and plan out the day to my advantage, allowing the workday to be as successful and efficient as possible. I also enjoy working for Strategic because of the opportunities to grow, not only as an employee, but as a human being as well. In my free time, I love caring for exotic animals, such as reptiles, invertebrates, etc. I’m also training in Pro Wrestling. Something you might not know about me is that I like to be incognito. My favorite memory from Strategic comes from the first month after I was hired. The LIP truck had broken down, and Rick personally drove all the way down to San Diego from Orange County and took Isaiah and I back to our cars. It really showed me the type of leader and owner he was.”

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