"The R3 Excellence Award recognizes team members who most exemplify Strategic’s core values of Respect, Reliability, & Responsibility"
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The 2021 March R3 Excellence Award goes to Santos Villacorta. Santos is described by both his team and the residents of his communities as friendly, hard-working and showing continual growth. Santos has only been with Strategic since December 2020, but his immediate display of the three Rs demonstrates his impressive work-ethic and character. Santos, thank you for being a Respectful, Reliable & Responsible team member!

Praise for Santos

“Santos has a strong work ethic that results in his communities looking very appealing. I was impressed with Santos’s attention to detail at Villas Fashion Island Apts. The trash enclosures were so clean that you could have a picnic on the floor. He exemplifies the three Rs by his good attitude, his dedication and his hard work.” – Ryan Chacko, Field Services Manager

“Santos has received several praises from the maintenance supervisors at his communities. He is always improving during my ride-alongs with him. He fulfulls the company promises with a smile on his face and is friendly with the residents.” – Sergio Lara, Route ServiceTech Senior Lead

A Word from Santos

“I like working at Strategic because the job is fun. I thank God for this job and the company and for the chance to meet good people here. I enjoy spending my free time with my family. We are all blessed to still be working during this pandemic. God bless all!

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