"The R3 Excellence Award recognizes team members who most exemplify Strategic’s core values of Respect, Reliability, & Responsibility"
Sergio Lara
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The 2017 May R3 Excellence Award goes to Sergio Lara, one of our first Servicemen. Sergio has worked at Strategic since 2008! Quality service in each community has always been a priority for Strategic, and Sergio’s consistent service with a smile throughout the years has helped shape our customer’s (and our company’s) expectations.

Praise for Sergio

Sergio has been consistently praised by our customers for his work in their communities where “he is always on time” and does “a fantastic and excellent job cleaning up the community.” Around the office is called the “Trash Magician,” taking “incredibly huge trash messes in his “before” pictures, and then amazingly clean enclosures in his “after” pictures,” leaving us all in awe of “how he makes everything disappear!” It is clear to our customers and us that Sergio exemplifies these characteristics of Respect, Reliability, and Responsibility well. Sergio continues to leave a positive impact on our customers.

A Word from Sergio

When asked about his secret to success, Sergio says the source for his work ethic is love, “always when you do something, do it with love.” This simple but powerful motto is an example of the core values (Respect, Reliability, Responsibility) highlighted in the R3 Award. Sergio enjoys working for Strategic because he has had “the chance to grow personally and professionally.” Since the beginning of his time as a Serviceman, Sergio has noted the importance of teamwork and good communication in the field. Sergio says, “when I first came to the company, I was shy, but now I feel confident when I walk into the office. I know if I encounter a problem, I can make a call and report it to the office.”

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