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As a property owner or community manager, you’re likely familiar with the problems that arise in managing a multi-unit property. Some of these problems may include water damage, termites or fire hazards. However, one of the most common yet frustrating issues that management faces is the fulfillment of trash hauler services at your multifamily communities.

Trash pick-up is not always smooth, and if gone unchecked, it can lead to a pileup of garbage and illegal dumping, which could cost you vast amounts of money in fines and fees. In this blog post, we’ll look at the trouble with trash hauler service at multifamily communities and explore how you can solve these problems.

Lack of Accountability

One of the major problems with trash hauler services at multifamily communities is a lack of accountability. This can make getting consistent service from your hauler especially challenging.

Currently, trash hauler companies bid for years-long contracts with cities or counties. Because haulers know they are not in danger of losing business if they don’t perform well during their long-term contract, there’s not much accountability or quality control. When a contract is close to ending, performance generally improves, but only briefly, to ensure a renewal. Before and after that, there’s little incentive to deliver consistent services, leading to missed pick-ups or sloppy service.

To address issues like this, you’ll need to speak to a trash hauler representative. It can take several calls, and you may need to ask to escalate the complaint just to get the missed pick-up resolved or the trash picked up on the agreed upon schedule.

Occasionally, even this won’t solve the issue. The best long-term resolution is to work with a trash management company to streamline pick-up by ensuring trash areas are clean and tidy for the hauler’s arrival. Trash management companies don’t replace your trash hauler, as you’re likely already contracted with a hauler through your city’s agreement. Instead, trash management companies partner with you to solve the problems at your community that cause bottlenecks in hauler services.

Inefficient Procedures

Another problem that properties face is inefficient procedures. Many communities solely use manual bin collection services and rely on word of mouth to report when there is an issue with trash hauler service. This can cause major service delays, which are a big inconvenience to you and your residents. Some residents may resort to illicit dumping as a result.

Owners and management should consider automating the disposal process by working with a trash management company that can facilitate hauler services for them and report on-site conditions. This way, community management can be sure regular collections are completed.

Inadequate Services

Sometimes, property owners find themselves frustrated with the quality of service provided by the trash hauler company. This could stem from an array of issues such as missed pick-ups, delayed services or inconsistent scheduling.

To address these issues, it is important to have a reliable service provider in your corner that is specialized in coordinating trash services for multi-unit properties. Trash management companies have the knowledge, experience and resources to provide customized waste solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of residential properties. By partnering with them, you can mitigate delays and missed collections and ensure your community is free from trash buildup.

Finicky recycling and green waste pick-up is another service that may be inadequate for your needs. Trash haulers may not provide sufficient recycling or green waste bins, resulting in tenants throwing recyclables away. Or, the haulers don’t provide proper education on the latest regulations, leaving the community at risk of city fines.

To address this issue, it’s essential to look for service providers that offer comprehensive recycling programs. Trash management companies offer recycling services to you and work with the trash hauler, so your community is equipped and compliant.


In conclusion, your troubles about trash hauler services at your multifamily community are legitimate. The best solution to these issues is to partner with an accountable, efficient and specialized trash management business that can help you create a sustainable, clean and healthy environment for your residents and eliminate hiccups in hauler service. Property owners and community managers ought to consider working with a trash management company that can provide smooth, innovative and eco-friendly solutions to increase efficiency and optimize trash pick-up delivery. Let’s work together to get rid of trash hauling troubles!

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