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September 28, 2023 — Strategic Sanitation Service, Inc. is pleased to announce the winner of the second annual Vendor of the Year Award. This award recognizes one exceptional company per year that provides Strategic essential services with excellency. The award was presented to the recipient at Strategic’s September All Team Meeting.

This year, Strategic evaluated its vendors and determined the award should be given to GoFormz. GoFormz is a San-Diego-based SaaS company used to build customizable electronic forms and reports. Their services have enabled Strategic to streamline reporting processes and increase environmental consciousness, a tenet of Strategic’s purpose. Since 2015, GoFormz forms have been a vital asset to Strategic’s promise of high-quality services for apartment and condominium communities. The GoFormz team says, “[We] are thrilled to be recognized as [Strategic’s] chosen Vendor of the Year.”

GoFormz serves a range of company sizes and industries with their easy-to-use digital form building. Rob Brewster, CEO of GoFormz, speaks to its functionality. “Whether you are a small business with a single license or a large enterprise organization with hundreds of users, GoFormz offers pricing and products to fit any use case and team. GoFormz is also the only digital forms solution that enables users to digitize their existing documents for use on phones, tablets, and computers,” he says. GoFormz prizes itself on its stress-free startup and use. The capability to digitize existing forms makes the transition to digital reporting much simpler on the user and makes GoFormz unique in its industry. Brewster states, “The ability to maintain the original formatting of work forms drastically reduces training requirements, simplifying the onboarding experience by presenting users with a familiar interface, equipped with powerful, digital features. These unique functionalities make the GoFormz platform a suitable tool for businesses with workforces of all ages and use cases, no matter their device preference or size.” Because of its intuitive and buildable features, companies with diverse purposes, needs and teams have found GoFormz a simple-to-use tool, helping these businesses shift in a tech-saavy world.

In fact, GoFormz has been a key player in bringing Strategic to its current tech-driven state, and Strategic has been very pleased with their services as Strategic has scaled. Kenneth Reyes, President of Strategic, comments, “Goformz has been an excellent partner for many years! Their product is an important part of our tech-enabled service that allows us to Reliably Care for our customers. Everyone on the Goformz team has been very professional and easy to work with! I appreciate that Goformz isn’t content to continue selling a good product, but instead, is always building and refining to make it better. It is this commitment to continuous improvement that has allowed us to use their product even through significant growth and changes in our business.” Isaac Garrido, Strategic’s Systems Manager also says, “GoFormz has been an incredible company to work with because of its friendly support team and enthusiastic account managers. The company’s easy-to-use form building has allowed us to be a leader in our industry. I am looking forward to many more years of partnership with GoFormz.” Using GoFormz’s platform, Strategic has digitized all its reports, both internal and external, reducing processing time and human error and increasing efficiency in communication and service completion.

But it is not only GoFormz’s commitment to product quality that has made Strategic’s experience so positive. Like Strategic, GoFormz prioritizes its customers. “We are a customer-centric organization.” GoFormz is committed to its values. Ren Chin, Chief Marketing Officer at GoFormz, says, “At GoFormz, we operate with a focus on our core values, the most important being ‘Customer-Centric.’ Knowing our product has served our customer’s unique and evolving array of use cases is incredibly gratifying.” GoFormz is dedicated to attuning to their customer’s needs and desires, offering not only a top-quality software, but a top-quality experience.

The partnership between these Strategic and GoFormz has seen mutual benefits for their respective missions. Brewster says, “We are so fortunate to have forward-looking customers like Kenneth and the rest of the Strategic Sanitation team. The GoFormz platform is an incredibly dynamic product and Strategic Sanitation takes full advantage of our diverse suite of features. As a power user of our solution, Strategic has provided invaluable real-world feedback both in terms of our product and our go-to-market programs. This has been extremely helpful to GoFormz.” Chin also chimes in. He says, “Even more rewarding is our working relationship with the Strategic Sanitation team. We have had the pleasure of hosting Kenneth and his management team in our San Diego office to learn more about their business and vision for the future and look forward to continuing our collaboration for many years to come.” The partnership for Strategic and GoFormz has allowed for growth on both sides and has created a valuable network of forward-thinking colleagues.

We are grateful for GoFormz’s innovative and attentive service, and we are proud to name them the 2023 Vendor of the Year!

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