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By Boden Lazio

Odds are you’ve had to move at some point. Maybe you moved a lot when you were a kid, maybe you didn’t move in and out of somewhere until the start of college, maybe you lived in an apartment and your neighbors listened to Taylor Swift a little too loudly, and you needed to get out of there. Whatever the reason for moving out, the one common factor is stress. Nearly half of respondents in one survey by the New York Post said moving out was the most stressful event in their lives!

The spring and summer months see a significant increase in resident move outs. In fact, shows that roughly 70 percent of moving takes place in these two seasons, making it crucial for management to not only be able to handle move-outs, but handle them efficiently. If you’re managing a community, you’re not only trying to assist the tenants in moving out, but ensuring it’s done in a safe, quick and clean way so you can bring in new residents. One of the most challenging issues is when tenants leave personal items behind in their unit, such as furniture, old TVs, kid’s toys and even clothing. This could delay the process of bringing in new residents, costing management revenue from new renters.

If you’re looking for a way to make the move-out process as painless as possible, here are some helpful tips for you!

Plan ahead

Make a plan to help tenant moves run smoothly. Obviously, communities experience moving in and out constantly, but making sure you have the necessary resources to avoid unexpected delays can make the process exponentially easier. This is especially important approaching summer, when moving happens most often.

Utilize specialty services

Your time is valuable! You don’t need the moving out process to be dragged out any longer than necessary. So why not leave the heavy lifting to professionals? Strategic offers a speedy and efficient Trash Out service that includes one-day cleanup and item removal, either directly from the building or from the trash enclosures in the community.

Maintain a clean and efficient process

With apartments, when people are moving in and out constantly, prospective tenants are looking for the little things when viewing their living options. A community that is aware of and constantly working to keep their community clean is going to attract more buyers than a community that disregards tidiness issues. But big or small, people will notice! If you’re looking for services that make a difference in the appearance of your community, Strategic offers a wide variety of services including large item pick-up, pet waste removal, enclosure pressure washing and more.


Move-outs can present an array of challenges to residents and lead to a lot of frustration if things don’t go according to plan. But communities that are willing to go the extra mile to ensure as simple a process as possible will stand out. Managing a property is more than just buying and renting units, maintenance repairs and answering resident phone calls. It’s about building a professional reputation of efficiency, trust and clean living. Strategic is committed to helping communities facilitate these standards through our services, and the easiest way to find out how we can help you is to contact us! We would love to talk about what services are right for you during the summer season.



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