I love you guys! You are the most efficient and professional company, and the only vendor I never need to follow up with! Our ServiceTechs are awesome, and everything looks great!”

Ahmee Gerrard
Community Manager

We are beyond pleased with the work the company and crew are doing for our community. It has eliminated the extra communication I receive on a weekly basis in regard to overflowing dumpsters and large items left at the dumpsters, so thanks to all!”

Adrian Robertson
Community Manager

Our Highly Satisfied Customers

This is fantastic! I have already been contacted by several Board members and residents stating how wonderful the enclosure areas are looking in such a short timeframe. Thank you to the Strategic Sanitation team for helping out Morningside Terrace!

Jacqui Orlandos
Community Manager

The city did an inspection…said they what’d the cleanest trash areas that they had EVER seen!

Cynthia Meza
Assistant Manager

“Thank you for your service! We are 110% satisfied!”

Laura Dorcsak
Community Manager

“We get incredible value from Strategic’s services. They provide great bottom-line savings like some waste auditors, but Strategic is superior because they include on-site service crews to help our property maintenance people. And, they do this for about the same cost!

Michelle Fisher
Vice President

“We couldn’t be happier about how much better our properties look, how much money we have saved, and now my people can focus on more important resident issues. It’s nice to have an expert in waste on our team. “

Patty Van de Brooke
Regional Manager

“The greatest value Strategic provides is their trash audit to identify existing levels of trash, recycling or compost and using the information to optimize both volumes and costs. I appreciate the quality service, ongoing service evaluations and service reports that are emailed to the on-site teams.”

John Forde
Resource Manager

“The Board and residents love our ServiceTech and talk about how great he is ALL the time! All you service is fantastic! We love your communication and responsiveness.”

Krista DiFede
Community Manager

“Strategic is worth every penny.”

Board Member
Tustin Acres HOA

I have received very positive feedback from the Board members and we have also seen a huge reduction in the amount of calls that we receive about the trash enclosures and bulky items.

J.S. – Community Manager
172 Units - Rancho Sta. Margarita

Thank you so much!! I am getting a lot of compliments out there about how good things are looking.

K.L. – Community Manager
260 Units – Mission Viejo