The Benefits of Using a Tech-enabled Trash Vendor
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From work to entertainment, exercise to food, travel to home living, technology has become a part of our daily lives. The internet, applications, and software, bring services and goods right to our doorstep and make information more readily available than ever.

But when it comes to the trash service industry, technology has yet to find its footing in many companies. Having a tech-enabled trash vendor can provide more efficient service, offer real-time reporting, ensure quality control and promote better communication.

Efficient Service Speed

Smartphones and tablets enable service technicians to optimize their route, navigate new areas, communicate with their team and more. This saves technicians time on peripheral tasks, so they can focus on completing your services efficiently.

Real-time Reporting

Software, like GoFormz, allows vendors to create custom digital forms to capture dates, times, locations and photos. Service providers can report in real time and provide you with an accurate record of each service.

Watch this video to see how digital forms can improve your trash vendor service.

Quality Control

Photo captures on reports add an additional layer of quality control. With a tech-enabled system, service reports can be sent immediately to administrative teams and provided for management as-needed, assuring you that services are up to standard.

Better Communication

Technology and digital reporting also enable vendors to notify you quickly of on-site issues. Additionally, chat platforms like Zoom and Google Chat can be used for easy communication with team members, reducing crossed wires and service hiccups.


Technology isn’t going anywhere, and it’s time the trash industry utilizes its tools to provide elevated service. Next time you’re selecting a vendor, consider the benefits of hiring a tech-enabled vendor.



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