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You might think—what is a waste audit, and why is it necessary? To put it simply, a waste audit is an assessment of a particular community’s waste needs. Trash management companies that do a waste audit can help you understand what your community needs when it comes to waste (i.e., number of bins, frequency of pick-up, maintenance, etc.). Waste audits can assist in tailoring your existing trash services to your community, add services (when necessary) and cut costs by eliminating unnecessary ones. Waste audits play an essential role in ensuring good trash management at your apartment or HOA community.

How It’s Done

Waste audits analyze things such as community size, number of trash enclosures, trash rooms or chutes and if community facilities require regular janitorial services. They can even inform you whether your trash resources are compliant with city and county regulations. At Strategic, we call our audit system “Waste Optimization™” because it enables us to optimize your current and future services. Our Waste Optimization™ Assessment uses our expertise and fine-tuned formulas to make recommendations on which services are best for your community and how frequently service is needed to keep it clean and maintain curb appeal.

The Impact

For community managers, regional managers and property owners, one of the biggest priorities is saving money. Optimizing your trash management services through a waste audit, saves you money in unnecessary services and saves you and your team time (that means additional soft-cost savings). Instead of overpaying for many pieced-together porter and trash hauler services that your community doesn’t need, we’ll carefully select only those services that will maintain and improve your community, so you are paying just for what you need.

In addition to providing a specialized plan for your community, our assessment is ongoing, even after our trash management services have started. This enables us to give you regular e-reports on trash and recycling levels, so you can see the real impact our audit and services are having on your community.


Whether it’s lowering overall expenses for your community or customizing trash services to your community, managing to cost cuts, save time and improve community standards through a thorough waste audit is invaluable. We’re committed to offering reliable and efficient trash management services, encouraging luxury living through community appeal.

To see how a Waste Optimization™ Assessment can help you get the trash under control at your community, contact us today or visit our services page.

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