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By Boden Lazio


Strategic provides communities with a variety of community appearance services, keeping residential trash spaces clean and attractive. But did you know that we have additional services included in the trash management we offer? These services are more “behind the scenes,” but they play a pivotal role in delivering quality, hassle-free trash management to you. In this post we’ll go over one of these lesser-known services: facilitating communications and services with your trash hauler.

Why We Do It

Strategic trains a dedicated team on coordinating with your trash haulers. Whether you’re contracted with Waste Management, CR&R, Republic or another provider, we contact the hauler on your behalf to eliminate additional stress for you. Communicating with the hauler also helps us keep your waste affairs in one organized sphere. Instead of having multiple vendors that each have a piece of the trash management puzzle, you have a one-stop shop for all things waste-related. You no longer need to waste half your day trying to get a missed pick-up resolved. Our team will have already reported the issue, called the hauler and confirmed a return pick-up on your behalf. We want to make the whole process faster and simpler for you.

What We Do

Now, we don’t eliminate your say in matters. Major changes or services you require cost approval for will still come to you. But the time-eating trash hauler issues won’t fall on you. We mediate for your community with its best interests in mind. For example, we report and escalate complaints you may have with the haulers, request return pick-ups for missed services, order replacements for damaged or broken trash bins and combat inaccurate fees or overages your community may have been charged.

We want to provide quality services for communities, but more than that we’re committed to offering communities a better trash management experience overall when they agree to partner with us. That’s why we maintain quality services throughout our contract and go the extra mile to facilitate communications with the haulers on your behalf, simplifying your waste needs with efficiency and saving you time.


We are a dynamic business that offers more than just services. We offer a comprehensive trash experience that makes day-to-day operations easier for community management. With us, trash hauler communication becomes one less thing to worry about. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help improve your community and save you time and money, let us know.

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