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Trash management is a critical aspect of multi-family infrastructure, ensuring that communities remain clean, hygienic and pleasant for all residents. For our customers, two key players often work in tandem with your trash yet perform distinct roles: garbage trash haulers and Strategic Sanitation Services. While both are essential in handling waste, understanding their differences can help you know the importance of each in keeping your community clean.

A trash hauler is responsible for physically removing the trash and recycling from your community. This involves collecting waste and recyclables from dumpsters and transporting it to landfills or recycling centers. The primary goal of a trash hauler is to ensure that waste is removed from your community, preventing the accumulation of garbage that can lead to health hazards, unpleasant odors and unsightly environments. However, their role is often limited to the collection and disposal of waste, without engaging in the maintenance of the areas surrounding waste collection areas. Typically, the hauler doesn’t pick up large items from communities or offer other services such as pressure washing, trash equipment repairs, bin staging and more. This also means that the hauler doesn’t haul trash when it is above the allowed limit or is overflowing from the bins. This puts communities in a tough spot anytime they have excess trash. 

Strategic Sanitation Services, on the other hand, offers a more comprehensive approach to trash management. Unlike haulers, our focus is on maintaining cleanliness around dumpster areas and ensuring that trash enclosures are not overwhelmed. Strategic Sanitation Services play a pivotal role in:

  • Cleaning around trash enclosure areas to prevent the build-up of debris and waste, which can attract pests and create health hazards, as well as being an eyesore.
  • Dispersing trash evenly amongst all trash enclosures, ensuring that no single dumpster becomes overflowed. This meticulous management prevents the common problem of an overflowing trash can, which can hinder haulers’ ability to efficiently collect waste and detract from the overall cleanliness of the area.
  • Picking up of large items left at the designated area for the community.
  • And so much more from pressure washing to chute and compactor repair! (You can find out more about our services here.)

By performing these tasks, Strategic Sanitation Services ensures that trash haulers can access and remove waste more efficiently. Our work reduces the likelihood of delays in trash pick-up and helps maintain a cleaner and more hygienic environment around waste disposal areas. 

The relationship between trash haulers and Strategic Sanitation Services is synergistic, with each playing a role in the broader spectrum of trash management. While haulers focus on the logistics of waste removal, Strategic Sanitation Services can do everything else. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive trash management care: meaning, we are your one-stop shop for everything trash management (the only exception being actually hauling the trash!). We ensure that the preliminary steps to waste hauling are handled with care, attention to detail, and cleanliness. Strategic also works with the hauler to confirm pick-up dates and communicate any issues the communities may be having involving trash.

Understanding the differences between trash haulers and Strategic Sanitation Services allows you to have an effective trash management system. Strategic ensures that waste is not only removed but managed in a way that maintains the cleanliness and hygiene of your environment. We hope this helps to clarify the differences in trash hauler service and Strategic’s premium trash management. By understanding the roles of a trash haulers and Strategic Sanitation Services, you can determine whether your community is equipped with what it needs to be tidy and efficient. For more information on how Strategic can help with your trash management needs, contact us today.

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