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When it comes to waste management services, some vendors, like trash haulers, are focused on locking down communities for long-term (6+ months) contracts to guarantee business for a certain amount of time. However, this can lead to problems for communities. What if you decide their services aren’t what you hoped they’d be? Or their management changes hands and slows the efficiency during the power shift? Maybe you realize you need only one of their services but had to agree to a contract that included many other services you don’t need but still pay for. In this post we’ll go over the benefits low-commitment vendor contracts and how they guarantee high-quality services and satisfied customers.

Low Commitment Contracts

We’ve covered some of the risks of long-term vendor contracts, but what are the benefits of short-term contracts? Here are just a few of the reasons why we are committed to providing our customers with quality service at low risk to them:

  • Accountability: Often times vendors will put on an early display of excellent services in the beginning or even before the contract is finalized to draw in your interest. However very quickly service quality can take a nosedive once a long-term contract has been signed, and there’s little  incentive to maintain high-quality services. With short-term contract vendors like Strategic, services have to maintain a high standard of efficiency and effectiveness to keep your community satisfied. Knowing your business is based on our consistency keeps us on our toes!
  • Flexibility: This is a big one. Services such as Large Item Pick-up are great year round, especially during the holidays or for the summer move-out season. But when Christmas rolls around, you can add our Christmas Tree Removal service to make sure trees don’t lay around people’s apartments until March. When signing a contract with a new community, all we ask is for 30-day notice before service termination. No really, it’s that easy! Retain or resume our services as needed.
  • Customization: We understand that not every community is the same. In fact, most communities are pretty different! That’s why we offer 15+ services without pushing packages to add services your community doesn’t need. We customize services to fit your community’s specific needs. We start with a free waste audit for your community to determine what our best recommendation of services is.


When it comes down to it, you need a vendor who is more concerned with your satisfaction than locking you in to a months or years long contract. At Strategic, we promote flexible and customized services for communities while maintain a high standard for those services and their quality. If you want to start affordable and high-quality waste management services for your community, contact us to request a free assessment of your community. Remember, if you aren’t satisfied with us, you can cancel at any time. We guarantee your satisfaction.

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