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It’s 2024 and we’re looking ahead to the upcoming trends and market changes to continue to make waste management simpler and more efficient. We do this to ensure our team is properly equipped so we can continue providing premium services to communities with the best resources available. In this post we’ll talk about waste management trends, technology in waste management and what Strategic is doing to stay ahead of changes in the market. 

It’s no secret that technology has helped improve businesses and their efficiency, but technology in waste management is increasing professional abilities to create more sustainable waste practices. Many companies are hesitant with new technology, fearing that integrating new tech could threaten jobs. However, as technology adapts, so do new businesses and job opportunities. 

In fact as technology improves, it opens new opportunities for new industries in trash management such as converting waste into new energy. The waste-to-energy industry is expected to increase to a value well over 40 billion by 2030. As it becomes increasingly important to keep up with waste management trends, more and more opportunities will be created to make this happen, and it’s why we’re eager to promote these trends and integrate them with our business. 

Additionally, AI is being successfully implemented for improving recycling screening, making it easier for waste companies to keep trash from contaminating recycling and improving sustainability.  AI is also able to calculate the best routes for waste management trucks, saving time, energy and fuel.

At Strategic, we’ve always been eager to improve through integrating the latest technology and equipment. When it comes to technology, we equip every one of our team members with smartphones and iPads to document their work. This makes the documenting process quicker and information more accessible to the whole team and allows us to be a nearly paperless company. We’ve also talked about how Strategic works hard to eliminate the need for oversight of our services by community managers by our real-time reporting and self-sufficiency. And we go the extra step in analyzing the layout of the properties we service to determine the best routes for our ServiceTechs to take, minimizing time spent in the community while keeping trash management at the highest standard. 

We’ve also recently transitioned to HubSpot, a more efficient Customer Relationship Management tool that will streamline the communications and operations of our Customer Solutions team, improving response times and refining our customer experience. In addition, we use QR codes to enable our customers to directly access our website and our Customer Solutions team. Questions can be asked and needs can be met with minimal effort on the part of our customers.

Staying ahead of industry trends and advancing technologies is invaluable to businesses and communities alike. Integrating the newest tech responsibly can help businesses become more energy and time-efficient as well as more sustainable for communities and the environment. These principles have always been our motivation, and it’s what we continue to work hard for as we enter the new year.

To learn more about how you can partner with Strategic and stay ahead of the curve on trends in business, contact us today.

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