Waste Optimization Services

Our on-site program saves money & improves curb appeal

Strategic Sanitation Services’ proprietary Waste Optimization Plan™ offers you an end-to-end solution for waste assessment, trash control and cleanup. Our comprehensive approach to the on-site management of resident trash volume, maintenance, and recycling reduces trash-related expenses and enhances your community’s appearance. We use our proprietary analysis tool to proactively assess your entire resident trash and waste process, and then implement our proven methods to increase your property’s charm and reduce operating expenses. Strategic’s comprehensive Waste Optimization Plan™ includes all of the following services:

Pressure Washing Service

Waste Optimization Assessment

Strategic performs a detailed evaluation of your trash bills, recycling options and community layout. We conduct an in-depth analysis of existing trash volume, including the amount of trash generated versus the amount of trash removed. We optimize and balance all services with your community’s waste disposal needs. Then we recommend and implement a Waste Optimization Plan™ that aligns your community’s needs with the right services and helps lower your overall waste control expense.

Monitoring & Reporting Service

Strategic tracks your waste bin use, abuse and disrepair. We take the lead in notifying your trash hauler about missed pickups or trash bin maintenance. With our ongoing Monitoring & Reporting service, you’re assured that your Waste Optimization program is operating efficiently, effectively and consistently.

On-site Waste Control Service

A cleaner community is a more appealing community, and no one appreciates the importance of maintaining your community’s curb appeal more than we do. Strategic’s On-site Waste Control service includes regular cleaning, compacting and distribution of your community’s trash. It also replaces the need for other janitorial services you may be using for trash-related cleanups.

Large Item Pickup Service

Someone has put an old mattress on top of the trash bin, leaving very little room for garbage. By the next morning, bags of garbage are piled around the bin, creating an unsightly, odorous mess. This scenario and others like it will disappear when you work with Strategic Sanitation Services. Our team members regularly remove and dispose of furniture and other large items left in or around bins so residents can place their garbage inside the dumpster where it belongs.

Recycling Programs

One of Strategic’s core commitments is to help communities develop environmentally responsible programs that will minimize the amount of waste in our landfills. Strategic Sanitation Services will evaluate your city’s recycling requirements and options, add recycle bins, assist with on-site recycling and sorting, and manage the pickup and proper disposal of e-waste, paints and oils.

Pressure Washing Service

A key goal of our Waste Optimization program is to achieve and maintain a new level of cleanliness in the trash bins and surrounding areas throughout your community. For tackling tough cleaning jobs like trash enclosures, parking areas and walkways, Strategic’s on-site team uses industrial-strength, mechanical pressure washers, hot water and biodegradable cleaning products.