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By Boden Lazio

What is it?

When it comes to trash at your community, wouldn’t it be nice if a vendor could do it all? Audit and adjust trash services, ensure smooth trash-pick up with the hauler, and maintain community appearance standards?

In reality, there is a service that does it all. It’s called trash management. But what exactly does that mean? In short, it’s the management and maintenance of all things waste-related at an apartment or condo community.

What distinguishes trash management from a porter service is the convenience and quality of service. Instead of pooling multiple services from different companies, Strategic is equipped to handle all trash services. (Except pick-up. This is handled by your trash hauler.)

How Does it Work?

Unlike porter services, we analyze your community’s needs. Strategic considers your hauler schedule, frequency of pick-up, number of trash and recycle bins, bulky item removals, trash equipment maintenance, etc., and makes adjustments to fit your community.

We use this assessment to determine what kinds of services will be helpful to your property and how often. And it’s not a one-time assessment, either. We consistently reanalyze to adapt services to seasonal, resident occupancy or trash volume changes, making sure your level of service still matches your community’s needs. These assessments, paired with the convenience of one company doing multiple services is not merely convenient, but cost-efficient.

Why We’re Different

As a modern trash management company, we’re into using tech. We provide our customers with periodic e-forms with photo-documented and time-stamped service reports to assure residents and property managers that the job is being done and done well. Our ServiceTechs actively report on-site conditions, so we know exactly what’s happening in the field, and are constantly updated. Our drive to maintain transparency with communities is how we’ve built our reputation with communities, and what keeps us a step above other trash service vendors.

We also have a dedicated Customer Solutions team available to assist with scheduling or service questions at any time. Customer Solutions works closely with our field team to respond quickly to issues that may arise on-site, making the link between your requests and our service that much simpler and quicker.


Trash management is an essential part of maintaining a clean and healthy living environment in communities. Strategic offers a comprehensive approach to managing all things waste related for your convenience, from auditing and adjusting trash and recycling services to removing bulky item clutter and performing maintenance services. Our Waste Optimization™ Assessment helps to reduce costs, while our IT services and dedicated team provide transparency for exceptional customer service. If your community is looking for the complete trash management package, look no further.

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