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By Boden Lazio

Curb appeal is one of the most important aspects of apartment and community living. In fact, one study found that out of over 200,000 renters asked, community appearance averaged the second most important thing looked for when searching for apartments. Pricing will always be the most important thing to renters, but what draws a person in is appearance. There’s a reason people look for a nice apartment when they could live in grandma’s attic for free. Paint-chipped dolls and old clothes is not a good look!

So, what’s the big deal about appearance? Here are some of the biggest benefits of increasing curb appeal:

  • Attractive to Potential Renters: People searching for new apartments are going to notice appearance first. While most apartment searching takes place online, people on the hunt for a new apartment are going to notice depictions of beautiful communities. People also notice communities with curb appeal when they’re driving to work or walking their dog. The attraction to curb appeal makes an impression—whether the potential renter is conscious of it or not.
  • It Makes Current Residents Happy: Maintaining curb appeal and community appearance keeps current residents satisfied and contributes to them feeling comfortable and safe in their living space. Not only does this attract new residents, but it can also increase resident retention, strengthening your community’s reputation and desirability.
  • Increased Property Value: Providing a clean-living space and maintaining a good community appearance is not only a goal to please current residents, but it also raises the value of a property by improving its quality! A well-taken care of community, is a more valuable community.
  • Reduces Substantial Maintenance Costs: Consistent upkeep of community appearance can actually reduce unexpected costs for maintenance, as it keeps problems from growing if ignored or unnoticed. We offer services like enclosure tidying to keep waste areas from attracting pests that would require extra services from extermination vendors and routine chute inspection to eliminate the need for expensive emergency repairs.
  • It’s Safer for Your Community: Maintaining community appearance can help to deter vandalism. It also makes sure your community is free from things that could become a hazard for residents, especially large items left around the property like bed frames, TV’s, oil or paint, and more.

How We Fit In: Why Strategic?

Community managers and property owners have a responsibility to maintain their community’s curb appeal for the sake of their current and future residents. Making appearance and cleanliness a priority is an important part of savvy community management.

At Strategic, our goal is to provide trash management services that cover more than just waste. We believe curb appeal is a huge asset to communities, so we offer services such as pressure washing, large item pick-up, enclosure tidying and more, to make sure things are not only running smoothly but beautifully.

We don’t just believe in the principles of good appearance or use them as selling points, we practice them! Our ServiceTechs are always in recognizable blue uniforms and safety vests that demonstrate our dedication to a clean-cut look and appearance. This maintains our reputation for professionalism and contributes to your community when current and potential residents see professionals working to maintain curb appeal and clean appearance.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your curb appeal, check out a full list of our services to see how we can help improve your community’s appearance today.

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