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By Boden Lazio

One of the keys to a healthy relationship, whether professional or personal, is communication. Intentional and clear communication can be the difference between a successful relationship and a really bad one.

At Strategic, we’ve built our business with intention and care in communicating with our customers and team members. One of the best examples of this is our use of the word “community” rather than “property”. So why are we so particular about this word? In this post we’ll explain why we insist on its use within our team!

A Part of the Community

This is the most important reason—we’re a part of the community! Of course, all our team members live in their own homes, complexes and apartments. While we may not be a part of your specific community, we’re a part of the larger Southern California community. We understand that communities shape how we live and who we are, and it’s our desire to make a positive impact in the community with our services. We serve communities, not properties!

Encouraging Others to Value Shared Environments

Communities only succeed when its members pitch in. After all, that is the point of a community! We don’t only place value on the idea of a “community” because we believe in their importance, we also want others to realize their benefits. Our desire is to contribute to the community by tending to it with our quality services to improve the experiences of those sharing living environments.

Better Living, Better Business

One study found that in 2022 property managers were seeing many residents renew their lease not only because of expected factors such as convenience and location, but because of what they call “The Experience Era”. Residents renewed because they genuinely enjoyed the environment of their communities. The fact is, people would rather stay in a community than move when they enjoy the people, surroundings and appearance of a well-managed community. Residents shouldn’t have to view their apartments or condos as solely a place to sleep after a long day of work. Residents should get to feel a sense of belonging and care. This will help retain renters and become an attractive feature of your community for new residents.


We work hard to ensure we communicate care to our customers and the SoCal community, which is why we are so intentional about our use of terms. We truly believe in the impact of words and ideas. We promote the sense of shared living in our words and our actions by tending to our customer communities with the best possible service. It isn’t just a job to us­. If you’re looking for a vendor who will show intentionality in their concern for your residents and “community”, we’d be honored to serve you!

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